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Technical Support

SAS' acclaimed Technical Support Service is set up to provide technical expertise to our licensed customers in India. We understand that our customer's success may depend on how effectively you can put your technology to work so it is therefore our mission to empower our customers to achieve their business goals by providing the highest level of Technical Support. The Tech support service is available to all our Indian customers at no additional charge.

We have extended our channels of communication to the web to provide you with access to valuable sources of information on technical issues from around the globe, and most importantly to provide you with an alternate, easy way of submitting your technical queries.

The Technical Support Department at SAS has a dedicated team of specialists available to help you. The team can help you verify output, clarify an error message or documentation or discuss hardware and software compatibility. SAS specialists will make every effort to resolve your problem as soon as it is received.

Contact Us
To provide the most effective response to your questions and problems, someone at your site has been designated as the local SAS Site Representative. These are knowledgeable SAS users who are provided with additional resources to assist all SAS users at your site. You can often get a quick answer to your SAS questions by contacting your local SAS site representative before calling SAS Technical Support. If you don't know who your SAS site representative is, call us and we will give you their details.

Be Prepared! Please provide us with the following:

  • Name
  • Site Number
  • Company
  • Phone
  • Product
  • Current Software Release
  • Operating System
  • Full details of any error message and SAS log