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  • AcostaAcostaRetail grocers and consumer packaged goods clients realize greater profits and sales with Acosta’s innovative use of SAS®
  • ACTNeeding to crunch large volumes of data quickly, the ACT testing services began to utilize SAS 9.2 and now produces thousands of year-end reports.


  • Beech Grove City SchoolsTracking student performance lead to improvements that resulted in higher test scores and greater college enrollment rates.
  • BGF IndustriesBGF IndustriesThis manufacturer, a small-to-medium business (SMB), can resolves quality issues based on facts, not hunches, with help from SAS.
  • Brooks BrothersAccurate inventory forecasts help this high-end clothing retailer remain profitable as it expands operations around the globe.


  • CareSourceCareSourceWith SAS, CareSource streamlines the integration, analysis and reporting needed to create an effective patient management system, which saves money and helps patients stay healthier.


  • DNATAThe largest airport terminal cargo operator in the Middle East uses SAS to forecast workloads and streamline productivity.
  • DominionDominion counts on SAS for risk management and decision support on the commodities trading floor.
  • Dun & BradstreetData for more than 3 million Czech and Slovak companies now prepared, analyzed locally in near-real time


  • EmcreditCredit bureau relies on SAS Data Integration to make sure lenders maintain profitable customer relationships through fast, accurate decisions about creditworthiness.
  • ENMAX EnergyOpting to implement SAS Analytics is one step that is helping ENMAX Energy achieve its goal when it comes to balancing supply and demand.


  • FaberA leading manufacturer in Italy posts a 10 percent increase in sales revenue with SAS Business Intelligence.
  • FCCI Insurance GroupUS commercial insurer expects hefty gains using SAS Analytics to select the right accounts and to price products appropriately.


  • GE Consumer & IndustrialThere are leads and indicators to assist auditors in identifying fraudulent claims. In a blind test, SAS analyzed an unfamiliar set of data to show that SAS was able to identify suspect claims without industry knowledge. GE C&I now audits 100 percent of claims for suspicious activity.


  • HighmarkHealth insurer saves millions of dollars by finding misdiagnosed and undiagnosed patients with one of 27 illnesses that qualify for higher Medicare reimbursements.
  • HSM GroupQuery and analysis with SAS® Analytics Pro helps this small consulting firm keep 85 percent of its clients returning for future business needs.


  • IDS GmbHThis German financial-services firm counts on SAS for seamless data integration, thus providing more precise risk reports and a more accurate means for meeting government standards.
  • Institute for OneWorld HealthSAS’ ease of use and affordability helps not-for-profit pharmaceutical company maintain outstanding data quality and stay within a tight budget.


  • Liberty Public School DistrictLiberty Public School DistrictWith SAS Enterprise Intelligence Suite for Education, principals and administrators gain dashboard views of student performance, freeing up their analysts to transcend historical data and start performing predictive analytics.
  • London Fire BrigadePredicting fire risk and saving lives
  • Los Angeles CountyLos Angeles CountyHighly accurate social network analysis powered the county's fraud-detection efforts, generating an annual return of nearly $30 million.
  • Los Angeles CountyLos Angeles CountyWith SAS, Los Angeles County measures the costs and benefits of providing services to indigent adults and avoids duplicating services -- all without compromising privacy.
  • Lotte.comOnline retailer measures sales increases attributed to enhanced customer insight, better understands customers' online behavior, reaches high-profit customers and influences purchase decisions with SAS for Customer Experience Analytics.


  • Maine Medical Center100 percent of heart failure patients receive quality care as benchmarked by national organizations, and a medication error reduction process has improved 35 percent.


  • North Carolina Office of State PersonnelNorth Carolina Office of State PersonnelCombining multiple data sources into a single data warehouse with SAS provides a holistic view of the state talent pool as well as the forecasting and predictive modeling-capabilities that allow for proactive workforce planning.


  • ODECODECRegional utility cooperative in Eastern United States keeps electricity costs to a minimum, thanks to accurate demand forecasts generated with SAS Analytics.
  • OneWorld HealthSAS’ ease of use and affordability helps not-for-profit pharmaceutical company maintain outstanding data quality and stay within a tight budget.


  • Passport CanadaOnly a decade ago just 25 percent of Canadians owned a passport. Today that number has more than doubled to 57 percent. With constant fluctuations in demand for passports, it turned to SAS to help forecast future demand.


  • QuaestorThis Hungary-based enterprise -- which operates in the financial services, communications and travel industries -- boasts costs savings and efficiencies across business lines with SAS Business Analytics.


  • RBCRoyal Bank of Canada (RBC) wanted a way to detect fraudulent mortgage, loan and credit line applications before they cost the bank money. The challenge was in preventing fraud without affecting legitimate customers. RBC used SAS® to build a fraud rules application that leverages powerful analytics to target suspect applications.


  • Shanghai General MotorsWhen it comes to warranty practices, Shanghai General Motors is the industry leader in China, thanks to SAS.
  • Solvay PharmaceuticalsSAS Drug Development helps Solvay Pharmaceuticals expedite and globalize the drug development process.


  • The Wine HouseThe Wine HouseUsing SAS, The Wine House discovered $400,000 of lost inventory, reduced aged inventory by 40 percent and has real-time access to customer data for better targeted marketing.
  • TrueCarOnline service for car dealers, buyers reports 300 percent growth in search-campaign revenues with SAS forecasting, analytics.


  • United Overseas BankBanking CRO discusses calculating the interplay between risk classes and developing better risk controls for the banking – in near-real time


  • Valence HealthValence HealthWith SAS Analytics, Valence Health helps groups of independent doctors and hospitals leverage the economies of scale that come from clinical integration while managing risk, achieving financial success and providing a higher quality of health care to patients.
  • VerizonMajor telecom operator produced a 360-degree view of customers in less than three months, improving campaign close rates (sales) by more than 250 percent.
  • Vestas WindVestas, the world’s leading producer of high-tech wind power systems, uses SAS to achieve an accurate, enterprisewide view of all its divisions and activities.
  • VisaWith SAS, Visa now builds more robust, user-friendly models to calculate customer and product profitability in far less time. Now, Visa can see 100 percent of the organization by product, client, product within clients, or clients within products.
  • Viseca Card ServicesSwitzerland’s largest credit card company uses advanced SAS Analytics to reduce losses due to fraud by 15 percent – a record few credit card companies can match.
  • Vodafone Global Information SystemsUsing SAS IT Resource Management, VGIS achieves cost reductions for hardware, software and operations across all Vodafone companies.
  • VUBOne of the largest banks in Solvakia uses SAS to improve asset and liability management and manage interest rate risk.


  • Whirlpool Corp.Whirlpool Corp.Whirlpool achieves significant savings using SAS Warranty Analysis.
  • WildTrackWildTrackTwo biologists set out to save endangered species, one step at a time