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Cancellation Policy

Customer Cancellation
If you are unable to attend the course for which you registered, please inform SAS as soon as possible. Fees are fully refundable if notification is received by mail, fax or e-mail at least seven (7) working days prior to the scheduled start date of a course. After that, the full course fee will be charged. For Group or Private courses, the SAS Education Account Manager should be notified in writing of cancellations as detailed above.

SAS Cancellation
SAS reserves the right to cancel a course at any time without liability. In these circumstances, delegates will be offered an alternative date, an alternative location or a full refund of course fees paid.

SAS is not responsible for airline or hotel penalties related to the cancellation of SAS courses. Please be aware of the airline restrictions regarding non-refundable airline tickets when purchasing.

Substitutions (name changes) are accepted at any time prior to the event, subject to the replacement delegate satisfying any required course pre-requisites. Please let SAS know prior to the commencement of the course.

Transfer Policy

A delegate may transfer their booking to an alternate date provided seven (7) working days notice is given in writing (email, fax or letter). If a delegate wishes to transfer a booking within seven (7) working days of the course start date to a later course occurrence there will be an administrative charge of 25% of the course fee. If that transfer is then cancelled, or the delegate fails to attend, the full course fee remains payable. One transfer is permitted per booking.

For Group courses – the event may be transferred to another date, provided it is agreed (in writing) by SAS at least seven (7) working days prior to the scheduled start date of a course. If the transfer notification is received within seven (7) working days of the course commencement date, a 25% administration fee will be charged. The event may only be transferred once. Full fees will be payable on transferred courses that are cancelled.

Group (Private) Courses

A Group course will be confirmed on receipt of the signed Group Training proposal. The signed Group Training proposal must be received by SAS no later than seven (7) working days prior to the scheduled start date of the course. SAS Education does not provide lunches and refreshments for Group courses held at customer sites ("on-site" courses) unless confirmed in writing prior to the course.

Delegate Details
Group course fees are fixed for up to eight delegates. Any reduction in delegate numbers will not be reflected in the course fee, but an increase in delegate numbers beyond eight delegates will result in an increase to the course fee. Delegate names must be supplied to the Group Event Manager at least five (5) working days prior to the event commencement date.

Event Setup
For course held at the customer premises ("on-site" courses), the customer will provide all the necessary equipment as discussed with the Education Account Manager when booking the event. For "on-site" courses, it is essential that current licensed software required for the event is installed on each training room PC. Separate agreements are required to provide for short term licensing of any required software.

Fee Policy

Public course fees must be paid in full prior to the course start date. If course fees are not paid on time, SAS reserves the right to allocate the course place to another delegate. All transfer charges must be paid for on receipt of invoice. SAS reserves the right to modify published course prices at its sole discretion and without prior notification.

Group Courses – Full payment for each event is due on terms of net thirty (30) days from commencement of the event.

Content Policy

SAS Education courses are reviewed, updated and improved continually, and SAS reserves the right to alter any of the course content without prior notice. It may not be possible to cover all course topics due to unforeseen circumstances, the Instructor will advise delegates when this is the case and may offer alternatives. Where necessary, the instructor will add appropriate, additional reading material.

Confidentiality Policy

The Customer will implement reasonable measures to prevent SAS' inadvertent access to confidential information. SAS agrees to use reasonable endeavors to prevent any confidential information received in connection with and related to the Event(s), which is clearly marked or designated at the time of disclosure as "Confidential", from being revealed to third parties for a period of three (3) years from the date of disclosure. This restriction does not apply to information which is:

  • generally available to the public;
  • released by the Customer without restriction;
  • independently developed or acquired by SAS;
  • known to SAS prior to receipt from the Customer; or
  • revealed pursuant to court order or process of law. SAS will use reasonable endeavors to give the Customer notice of such order prior to disclosure. For the purposes of this clause, SAS' parent company, SAS Institute Inc., shall not be deemed a "third party." SAS' privacy statement can be found at

Copyright Policy

The course material is the exclusive copyrighted property of SAS. Course material includes course notes (training manuals), presentation slides and course data. None of the course material may be reproduced, republished, distributed, posted, sold, or transferred. SAS' copyright extends to all electronic or supplementary materials provided as part of a course. Course notes are available only for attendees and are provided on the first day of a course. Course notes are not available prior to the course.