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The corporate intelligence that is housed in your data is unique, defining the diverse facets of who you are, what you have accomplished and how you can succeed. At SAS, we are committed to helping you transform this raw data into vital enterprise intelligence by delivering the technical solutions and services you need. We blend award-winning software with flexible business and technical consulting services to turn your business strategies into a real competitive advantage.

We've been partnering with our customers to solve their business problems for more than a quarter-century. Our consultants take the time to listen and learn about your business challenges and enterprise goals to establish a foundation for strategic advancement. This enables us to deliver the right SAS technology and tailored services to solve your unique business requirements.

We have amassed in-depth industry knowledge and domain expertise and we leverage industry and technology best practices and proven methodologies. Throughout your service engagement, our expert consultants share their vast knowledge and real world experience with your staff so they can manage the results of the project independently.

SAS® Premium Support Offerings
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Technical Support

South Africa is a unique country and therefore SAS Institute South Africa needs a unique customer support approach. Although the standards in the Technical Support brochure apply to South Africa, we in SAS SA add value in additional ways.

Why Customer Support and not Technical Support?

The South African office hotline support number answers all queries regarding SAS Software, not just technical support. For example, licence enquiries, distribution request etc

The consultant attending to your query will put your request in a tracking system and supply you with a reference number. This consultant is 100% responsible for the satisfactory resolution of your query.

What tools is available for your own use?

  • List Server - (see technical support brochure for details)
  • The SAS web site -
  • Online Help
  • SASWare Ballot
  • Telephone Support Number - 0800 004 943

What happens to my query after I phoned the 0800 number?

After you phone the toll-free number and explain the request or problem, you will receive a tracking/reference number. Your query will then be handled by the consultant who took the call or be forwarded to the relevant SAS employee. The consultant however, is still responsible for the query! With global specialist resources your problem/query will be solved efficiently and effectively.

When can you phone the toll-free number?

You can phone Customer Support from Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 17:00. Should you have a need to contact Customer Support outside these hours, you can use one of the following tools

  • local e-mail address for support

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SAS Publishing is a global enterprise committed to providing SAS customers and prospects with a complete selection of books and products to assist them in using SAS software to its fullest potential. Customers outside the United States and Canada can browse and search content in our U.S. and Canada online bookstore. Visit for a highlight of titles along with links to our complete catalogue. Shipping rates and fees can vary depending on the delivery address for your order.

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