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The SAS Alliance Application Program

The SAS Alliance Application Program has been designed to encourage and promote the integration of strategic SAS technologies and applications into third-party software. This integration extends the coverage of SAS in specific market segments and provides customers with world-class intelligence solutions.

This program also works with select application and software vendors who provide best-of-breed technology and software that can be integrated into SAS. Customers benefit from this integration by getting comprehensive, high-quality solutions for CRM, SRM, financial and IT management, and more.

The Application Program does not compete with an existing sales force. Customers can be assured that the software in which we choose to embed, complement or interoperate with has received extensive quality assurance testing and validation.

The SAS Alliance has developed a comprehensive, worldwide program to support our Application Program members. The program is a combination of technical, training, sales, marketing and account management support. Eligibility for certain programs is based on the memberís level of commitment to the partnership.

Please review the SAS Alliance Program Guide (PDF: 757KB) for information on requirements and benefits of the Application Program.

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View the†SAS Alliance Program Guide. †(PDF: 757KB)

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