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SAS Analytics customers inspire innovation, win awards

Johannesburg, South Africa  (10 May 2011)  – SAS honoured two organisations for their innovative use of SAS Analytics. The leader in business analytics software and services announced that the 2011 Enterprise Excellence Award winners are the North Carolina Office of State Controller and Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Group.

Using analytics, these organisations enable employees to reach their creative potential, make no obvious connections and find new solutions. Additionally, Tom Kari, Information Technology Consultant at Statistics Canada, earned this year's User Feedback Award for his 2010 contributions to improving SAS software. SAS is listening, helping customers achieve a high level of satisfaction and get the most value from their SAS software.

North Carolina Office of State Controller won for its Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Automated Data Services (CJLEADS) information system. CJLEADS, which integrates criminal justice data from various organisations to create more complete profiles of offenders, provides a single source of information that agencies can access securely via the Web.

The easy-to-understand, interactive and customisable interface lets users set up watch lists and receive notifications when specified offenders' records change. Because SAS hosts CJLEADS, the state can focus on business requirements, rather than the infrastructure.

"Feedback from the criminal justice and law enforcement communities state-wide has been overwhelmingly positive," said Kay Meyer, Project Director for NC Office of State Controller. "We've heard many examples of how CJLEADS led to arrests and saved time and money. CJLEADS supports more efficient, better-informed decisions and improved public safety for North Carolina citizens."

RBS, a leading UK-based international financial services business, won the Enterprise Excellence Award for its extensive "next-generation" analytics platform designed to provide a centralised, agile analytical capability across the RBS Group.

RBS Technology Services lead the vision to create a group wide SAS analytical platform for RBS. This platform will enable the RBS Group to maximise the value of their data transformation program, deliver a common analytical framework that current and future programs can leverage, therefore, empowering decision-makers to utilise analytics across all the business units and channels by providing insight into customer needs.

The analytical information generated will help the company's employees in developing stronger relationships with its around 25 million customers by closer matching of services and products to individual requirements, improving risk assessment and forecasting future demands and scenarios based on proven models.

"Over 35 years of delivering analytics, SAS has helped people at all levels of an organisation exploit data to solve business problems and grasp new opportunities," said Jim Davis, Senior Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer at SAS. "For fact-based decision-making, everyone needs ready access to data. These award winners are accomplishing just that by delivering the power of SAS Analytics to knowledge workers up and down the organisational chain."

Invaluable user feedback

Statistics Canada helps Canadians better understand their population, resources, economy, society and culture. Tom Kari of Statistics Canada won the annual SAS User Feedback Award for his contribution to improving SAS software in 2010. Tom has worked with SAS development and technical support across numerous products. He provided excellent feedback and suggestions for improving the functionality and quality of various SAS products.

"There are about 350 active surveys on virtually all aspects of Canadian life. SAS helps us ensure that the information we deliver is timely and relevant to Canadians," said Kari. "It was exciting to provide the feedback that was needed. Who wouldn't enjoy having their 'wish list' of enhancements help to make great software even better?"

About SAS

SAS is the leader in business analytics software and services, and the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market. With innovative business applications supported by an enterprise intelligence platform, SAS helps 50,000 organizations improve performance and deliver value by making better decisions faster. Since 1976 SAS has been giving customers around the world The Power to Know® .

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