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Amnesty International Denmark strengthens member commitment using SAS Analytics

Johannesburg, South Africa  (04 May 2011)  – Amnesty International Denmark has introduced analytic software in its fight for human rights. Using SAS Customer Intelligence, the organisation is strengthening communication, loyalty and support from more than 100 000 members.

The goal is to increase support for the fight for human rights by targeting campaign and fundraising activities, thereby enhancing the commitment of the members.

"We have seen a considerable increase in support for our work, and with more than 100 000 members in Denmark we have come very far," said Deputy Secretary General Christoffer Holm of Amnesty International Denmark. "We can see that there is even larger potential to obtain more support for human rights if we can strengthen member loyalty and commitment further, and at the same time make our work procedures more efficient. That is the principle of our focus areas for the coming years of fundraising work, and we feel that SAS can help us."

Added Holm: "It is also strategically important to Amnesty Denmark to optimise our dialogue with members. Relevant and timely communication enhances both fundraising and human rights activism, thereby ensuring more content and more committed members over time."

Large membership increase

Member fees and support ensure Amnesty's independent work for human rights. Therefore, members' loyalty and commitment are crucial to Amnesty. Over recent years, Amnesty International Denmark has experienced a large increase in new members, resulting in much larger contributions to its human rights work.

Using SAS, Amnesty Denmark is focusing on the development of the individual member's support and participation in the organisation's work, largely through telemarketing and e-mail. In order to strengthen efforts in these areas, the organisation has chosen to invest in campaign management from SAS, which will form the basis for continued growth.

"Working with Amnesty International Denmark, SAS has an opportunity to contribute to a very important area in our society. SAS has the experience and the analytics to help Amnesty retain members and optimise contribution to the human rights work," said Lars Sander Matjeka, Director at SAS Denmark.

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