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Interactive Tools

Interactive Tools provide online instruction and encourage insights by showing topic depth and relationships in ways a textbook cannot. They enable students to clarify concepts and build skills through active learning.


An Inquiry is a guided, self-paced investigation, organized around a focus question. Students answer the question in a three-step process: read, research and respond.

Web Lessons

Web Lessons are complete learning activities on a broad range of concepts and skills, designed for classroom use or independent study. Lessons may include student handouts, discussion and writing opportunities, and links to Internet sites or SAS Interactive Tools.

Audio Tutorials

An Audio Tutorial is a short lesson addressing core content. Audio and visuals help to solidify student understanding, which is assessed using an online quiz.

Algebra 1 Course

Specifically designed to address the Common Core State Standards in mathematics for Algebra 1 (Appendix A), each lesson in this course includes an introduction, instructional content with interactive components and guided practice, additional problems to confirm the learning, and a summary including printable materials.

Core Disciplines

SAS focuses on material difficult to convey through conventional methods – topics where doing, seeing and listening provide information and encourage insights in ways that textbooks cannot:

    • English Language Arts. Our audio and video materials enhance reading comprehension and writing proficiency – in everything from essay organization to sentence structure and punctuation. Our award-winning Writing Reviser helps students ask the kind of questions experienced writers ask automatically. In the process, students develop the judgment that is essential to effective writing.
    • Mathematics. Interactive features, animations and immediate feedback can mean the difference between comprehension and despair. Students visualize key concepts while practicing fundamental skills. The algebra course provides all the required content to address the Common Core State Standards for Algebra 1.

      SAS does not award credit to students who utilize the course. Teachers can integrate individual components into instruction or use the entire course as the foundation for their Algebra 1 curriculum.
    • Science. Virtual labs clarify abstract concepts in novel ways that provide a practical means of instruction. Dangerous, difficult, expensive or time-consuming experiments are no longer off-limits.
    • Social Studies. A unique case study approach encourages critical thinking about complex issues. Audio and video stimulate interest and encourage rigorous scholarship, and an interactive tool helps students analyze documents.

    Standards Database and Alignment System by Academic Benchmarks. Copyright © Academic Benchmarks. Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. All rights reserved.

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