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A message from SAS Canada

Hello insights subscribers!

For once, I’m (almost) at a loss for words.  There’s so much information to convey to you that I hardly know where to begin.  April has been a busy, busy month here at SAS Canada.

As many of you who attended can attest, this year’s SAS Global Forum  was an unbelievable event.  Featuring all of the presentations, networking events and workshops we’ve come to expect, complimented by the sights and sounds of Las Vegas which certainly provided a markedly different distraction from previous conferences.  For those of you who weren’t able to attend, have no fear: there are resources a-plenty as always! 

To access many of the presentations which were delivered – including bonus and expanded material – feel free to visit the online proceedings.  I highly recommend Lex Jansen, who has done a tremendous job over the years of pulling together the proceedings from ALL major SAS conferences: regional groups, industry-specific events, and of course, SAS Global Forum and its predecessor, SUGI.  You’ll find that amazing repository of information here.  Of course, presentations weren’t the only valuable take-away.   More than ever, social media played a significant role in gathering and sharing information.  The #SASGF11 Twitter stream was exploding with tweets during the entire conference.  Search within and you’ll find a veritable treasure trove of tips, links, on the ground observations, and perhaps most importantly – interesting people to follow from the SAS world, be they staff, supporters or gurus.  I’ll also point you to the LinkedIn group which was created for SAS Global Forum; again, great people to connect with and a fantastic source of ‘on-the-ground’ information.  Finally, my personal favourite – the blogs.  There are a whole host of blog posts around SAS Global Forum by attendees and SAS staff; you can find a wealth of interesting reading here.

Domestically, we have some exciting news to share as well.  The user group program is great as a general rule; it helps to support and grow the community of SAS users across the nation, connecting them locally and with we here at SAS Canada.  However, a cyclical algorithm of excitement, engagement and activity is also punctuated by long periods of quiet and inactivity.  While the LinkedIn and Facebook groups have done some work to fill this gap – search for a local user group in either of these applications and you’re sure to find one! – there was a clear need to help Canadian SAS users connect anytime, anywhere… with a strong focus on Canadian-specific thought leadership and content.  After many months of planning and testing, we’re proud to introduce the SAS Canada Community

Here, you’ll find event listings, blogs and discussions contributed by SAS users and SAS staff alike, and a whole network of SAS users hoping to connect and share best practices and connections.  I encourage you to register for the site and explore it; I’m sure you’ll find an article or a person of interest.  There are region, product and job role-specific groups which are populating even as we speak: there’s sure to be something of value for you within the environment.

I hope to see you at a user group meeting soon.  In the meantime, connect with me through the SAS Canada Community site: I promise you’ll be glad you did!


Matt Malczewski
Communities Manager

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