FALL 2011
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Name: Bryan K. Beverly
Program Name: COMPRESS_IT 
Company: BAE Systems IT

This program creates a reduced version of an existing SAS dataset by:

  1. compressing character variables            
  2. reusing the space made available from the character compression
  3. minimizing the amount of internal storage allocated for numeric variables in the length statement

The user also has the option of using the macro language debugging options to confirm the intended resolution of the macro variables supplied by the program or added by the user.  Two Proc Contents statements allow the user to assess the impact of the reduction processing.

PLEASE NOTE! - If the existing SAS dataset has been sorted, then the reduced dataset will have same sort order, but the Proc Contents will present the reduced dataset as not sorted.
If the existing SAS dataset has been indexed, then the reduced dataset will not automatically indexed. To add an index to the reduced dataset, the user must supply the information needed in the INDEX parameter or add an index to the dataset after the reduction processing has been completed.    

Download the program code (PDF).

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