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  • AmBevAmBevLatin America's largest beverage company sees a 50 percent improvement in turnover rates with SAS.


  • Banco BHDMore in-depth customer knowledge helped the bank realize a 40 percent credit card approval success rate and a 40 percent lift in cross-sell revenues.
  • Banque Generale du LuxembourgSAS gives the Banque Generale du Luxembourg a clearer view of IT costs.
  • Banque LaurentienneLes classifications, paramètres et scénarios mis au point par SAS, combinés à la flexibilité de la solution Anti-Money Laundering de SAS permetteront à la Banque Laurentienne de non seulement être à la fine pointe de la technologie, mais également de s’adapter aux réalités et aux défis futurs.
  • Banque LaurentienneLa Banque Laurentienne fait déjà confiance à SAS® dans d’autres sphères d’activité, principalement pour ses opérations reliées aux risques de crédit et à la segmentation de marchés. « Nous avons développé des liens de collaboration ainsi qu’un grand respect pour les compétences de SAS®, ce qui nous fait aborder avec confiance ce projet d’implantation.
  • Banque LaurentienneLa Banque Laurentienne a également fait l’acquisition de deux autres solutions de SAS® : l’Enterprise Case Management et l’Anti-Money Laundering . La Banque Laurentienne est la première banque à utiliser de façon unifiée ces produits et devient un véritable leader canadien dans la lutte contre les crimes financiers.
  • Banque LaurentienneEn combinant trois solutions du SAS® Enterprise Financial Crimes Framework for Banking, la Banque Laurentienne est la première banque à utiliser de façon unifiée ces produits et devient un véritable leader canadien dans la guerre contre les crimes financiers.
  • BBMBBM Canada supplies radio and television audience ratings services to the Canadian advertising industry. BBM’s membership includes TV and radio stations and networks, advertising agencies and advertisers. With huge volumes of data to process and analyze from its ongoing audience survey sweeps, BBM Canada relies on a powerful SAS® analytics solution with automated modeling capabilities to improve accuracy in survey sample forecasting and provide deeper data analysis.
  • Bell CanadaBell CanadaCanada’s largest telecommunications company, Bell Canada, needed to find an edge in the highly competitive wireline, wireless, Internet and satellite TV services market. Maintaining good relationships with loyal customers was of central concern. The company turned to SAS® to help it understand and segment its customer base to better tailor customer interactions. Targeting customers in this way has improved service and reduced churn for Bell Canada.
  • Boire Filler GroupBoire Filler Group, a Toronto-based marketing analytics consulting firm, uses advanced and powerful data mining techniques to help clients improve business results. The firm’s clients are from a range of industries, but they all possess one thing in common: a tremendous amount of data that, on its own, has no value. Using SAS® software, Boire Filler Group helps clients leverage their data to better understand their existing and potential customers and market to them more effectively.
  • Brooks BrothersAccurate inventory forecasts help this high-end clothing retailer remain profitable as it expands operations around the globe.


  • Cancer Care OntarioCancer Care OntarioCancer Care Ontario's (CCO) mandate is to continually improve cancer services, reduce the number of people diagnosed with cancer and ensure that patients receive quality care on every step of their journey.
  • Carolinas Medical CenterCarolinas Medical CenterWith business intelligence solutions from SAS, Carolinas Medical Center saves time, money and improves patients' health.
  • Confused.comClarity in customer insight at using SAS® to understand and target customers
  • ConocoPhillips NorwayLongtime SAS customer ConocoPhillips Norway manages performance and achieves a safer working environment using SAS.
  • Copenhagen EnergySAS doubles forecasting accuracy, offers cost savings of up to 50 percent and supports stable, reliable delivery of energy to consumers.


  • Danish National Board of HealthTo open the public to online access to national health statistics, the Danish National Board of Health uses SAS.
  • Danish National Board of HealthUsing SAS Activity-Based Management, the Danish National Board of Health enhances financial intelligence at hospitals across the country.
  • DelviniaDelvinia wanted to increase its competitive advantage by using SAS® to develop an Insight Engine that allows the firm to analyze more data than before, in half the time.
  • DominionDominion counts on SAS for risk management and decision support on the commodities trading floor.


  • Eli Lilly and CompanyEli Lilly and CompanyWith help from SAS, Eli Lilly and Company gains the power to provide scientific insights and make better business decisions while managing compliance to regulatory requirements.
  • ENMAX EnergyOpting to implement SAS Analytics is one step that is helping ENMAX Energy achieve its goal when it comes to balancing supply and demand.


  • FaberA leading manufacturer in Italy posts a 10 percent increase in sales revenue with SAS Business Intelligence.
  • FaktaFakta, the leading Danish discount retail chain, chooses SAS Financial Management Solutions for better forecasting, budgeting and reporting.
  • Family DollarMerchandising initiative helps rocket one of the fastest-growing US retailers to the top of the S&P 500.
  • Fraport AGA leading airport company, Fraport is on the up with SAS®9 Business Intelligence Architecture


  • GE Consumer & IndustrialThere are leads and indicators to assist auditors in identifying fraudulent claims. In a blind test, SAS analyzed an unfamiliar set of data to show that SAS was able to identify suspect claims without industry knowledge. GE C&I now audits 100 percent of claims for suspicious activity.
  • George Brown CollegeIt began teaching SAS® Enterprise Miner™ and SAS® Enterprise Guide® to marketing students in its business program so graduates would gain valuable experience in using analytics to solve complex problems facing today’s business decision makers.


  • Hallmark Cards, Inc.Hallmark Cards, Inc.SAS advanced analytics help Hallmark understand customers and improve marketing ROI.
  • Héma-QuébecTo make sure they accurately bill hospitals for services, Héma-Québec relies on SAS.
  • HSBCHSBCWith SAS, this global financial leader has achieved significantly lower incidence of fraud across tens of millions of debit and credit card accounts, significantly exceeding aggressive objectives.
  • Hyundai Motor CompanyUsing SAS, Hyundai Motor Company built an executive information system. Now managers can gauge performance, make decisions with timely access to top-level information, and view sales and production volumes.


  • IndigoIndigoIncreased competition from online book retailers offering cut-rate prices has plagued brick-and-mortar booksellers. But Indigo Books & Music – Canada’s largest book retailer – knows many readers crave the book shopping experience. To attract repeat business from regular shoppers, the company is using SAS® Analytics to sift through more than 10 years’ worth of transaction and loyalty program data to create a “book DNA” profile for each customer.
  • ING DIRECT CanadaING DIRECT CanadaCampaign productivity has jumped tenfold because campaigns now take hours to execute rather than one or two weeks. And, the bank can now target its messaging specifically and even automate to reduce the day-to-day workload.


  • Kirin Brewery CompanyKirin Brewery Company of Japan relies on SAS for accurate forecasts of inventory levels.


  • Laurentian BankLaurentian BankLaurentian Bank found that targeted campaigns are more successful marketing tools than mass mailings. Campaign response rates increased from single to double digits when the bank began using SAS® to target campaigns to its customer segments.
  • LillyLillyWith help from SAS, Eli Lilly and Company gains the power to provide scientific insights and make better business decisions while managing compliance to regulatory requirements.


  • Maine Medical Center100 percent of heart failure patients receive quality care as benchmarked by national organizations, and a medication error reduction process has improved 35 percent.
  • Monster CanadaSAS helps Canada's leading career management portal increase customer retention by 15 percent, sales force productivity by 40 percent and marketing efficiency by 40 percent.


  • NC Museum of ArtNC Museum of ArtThe museum can track expenses on multiyear projects with ease and provide board members with up-to-date finances, and it also passed a recent audit with no adjustments.
  • Nippon PaperThis major manufacturer in Japan reports cost savings and an uptick in business quality using SAS to unify various business intelligence systems.
  • Nth AnalyticsProject timelines shrink by 25 percent when Nth Analytics teams up with SAS.


  • Passport CanadaOnly a decade ago just 25 percent of Canadians owned a passport. Today that number has more than doubled to 57 percent. With constant fluctuations in demand for passports, it turned to SAS to help forecast future demand.
  • POSCOThe world's largest steel manufacturer saves $15.5 million in manufacturing costs with SAS Business Analytics.
  • Poste Italiane GroupSAS helps this postal company reach energy efficiency goals with business intelligence solutions.


  • RBCRoyal Bank of Canada (RBC) wanted a way to detect fraudulent mortgage, loan and credit line applications before they cost the bank money. The challenge was in preventing fraud without affecting legitimate customers. RBC used SAS® to build a fraud rules application that leverages powerful analytics to target suspect applications.
  • Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)As Canada’s largest bank, the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) has succeeded by building and maintaining trusted relationships with its millions of customers around the world.


  • Salt River Project (SRP)The third-largest public power utility in the United States, improves retail electricity rates using forecasting capabilities from SAS.
  • SASUsing SAS Supplier Relationship Management to analyze spend and score suppliers, SAS negotiates better rates, reduces costs.
  • SaskTelGaining insight into customer behavior helps this Canadian communications provider keep existing customers and attract new ones.
  • ScotiabankScotiabankScotiabank, one of Canada’s leading financial institutions, mines through data from about seven million customers on any given month to generate leads and create targeted marketing campaigns. SAS® Marketing Optimization enables the bank’s analysts to pull insights from the account data and make the most of each customer interaction.
  • ScotiabankScotiabankThe financial services industry is a high-risk, competitive business. To meet these challenges, Scotiabank – Canada’s largest international bank – needed a solution to help manage data quality across its retail, small business and commercial banking lines, as well as new acquisitions and mergers.
  • SecurexTo assist Europe's employers and their employees with insurance, legal and HR services Securex relies on help from SAS.
  • Shanghai BaosteelThanks to cutting-edge business-intelligence solutions from SAS, Shanghai Baosteel enters the world marketplace ready for competition.
  • Shanghai Baosteel GroupTo improve monitoring and reporting, Shanghai Baosteel's Shanghai Baosight IT division uses SAS and sees increases in efficiency, reliability, productivity, and reporting.
  • SheridanSheridanSheridan gives SAS® top marks for strategic support
  • SR Technics SwitzerlandThe world-renowned aircraft operation, SR Technics Switzerland, relies on SAS to help meet industry safety standards.
  • StateFleetStateFleetTo determine the value of leased vehicles, government agency StateFleet uses SAS so it can sell cars at the right time for the best price.
  • Suncorp-MetwaySuncorp-MetwayTo bring together disparate premium data, Australia's second largest insurer relies on SAS.


  • TELUSTELUS optimizes bandwidth and service with help from SAS®.


  • Vestas WindVestas, the world’s leading producer of high-tech wind power systems, uses SAS to achieve an accurate, enterprisewide view of all its divisions and activities.
  • Ville de QuébecLa solution de SAS a dès lors été implantée avec succès à la Ville de Québec : « l'outil ABM est un logiciel simple à utiliser.
  • Vodafone Global Information SystemsUsing SAS IT Resource Management, VGIS achieves cost reductions for hardware, software and operations across all Vodafone companies.
  • VUBOne of the largest banks in Slovakia, VUB manages credit risk through data integration with SAS.


  • Yapi KrediFor customer intelligence that helps it improve its cross-sell rates, Turkish bank Yapi Kredi relies on SAS .


  • Zürcher KantonalbankTo meet regulatory reporting requirements and earn higher profit margins, Zürcher Kantonalbank turns to SAS solutions.