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SAS® Text Analytics

Get more out of your unstructured data

SAS Text Analytics provides a framework that enables organizations to maximize the value of information within large quantities of text that is generated, acquired or exists in repositories by extracting relevant information, and interpreting, mining and structuring information to reveal patterns, sentiments and relationships among documents.

SAS can help you discover insights from electronic text materials, associate them so they go to the right person or place, and provide intelligence to know what you need to do next – whether it's answering complex search-and-retrieval questions, ensuring appropriate content is presented to internal or external Web users, or what phrase is predicted to produce the best effect on existing sentiments.

Components of SAS® Text Analytics

  • SAS Contextual Analysis - Improve machine learning with subject matter expertise to create robust classification models to categorize document collections
  • SAS Enterprise Content Categorization – Drive faster, more relevant information organization and retrieval with automated content categorization. Add-on modules offer prebuilt taxonomies, text summarizations, file system and Web crawling, faceted search and indexing, duplicate document identification and more.
  • SAS Ontology Management – Extend subject-matter expertise by defining semantic relationships to consistently and systematically link text repositories together within a managed environment.
  • SAS Sentiment Analysis – Automatically locate and analyze the sentiment of electronic text in real time from websites, internal files, reports, surveys, forms, emails and communication centers to spot trends and identify customer priorities.
  • SAS Text Miner – Discover topics and patterns within entire document collections by mining unstructured data sources using supervised, semisupervised and unsupervised techniques.

How SAS® Is Different

  • SAS provides a comprehensive software suite designed to discover and extract new knowledge from text content. Our text mining solution provides unique methods to help you understand document collections, and it integrates text-based information with predictive analytics for better answers to complex questions.
  • Through a combination of advanced statistical modeling, natural language processing and advanced linguistic technologies, SAS software quickly and automatically examines large volumes of multilingual content to discover trends, patterns and sentiments from virtually any source, in any format.
  • SAS lets you take full advantage of existing content assets and ensures reuse across disparate departmental repositories, regardless of who owns the content or where it was generated. Deployment options can be adapted to your organization's needs.
  • SAS uses a combination of advanced statistical modeling, natural language processing and advanced linguistic technologies to quickly and automatically examine large volumes of multilingual content to discover trends, patterns and sentiments locked away in textual content.
  • Because it’s part of the SAS Business Analytics Framework, you can use SAS Text Analytics to better understand customer experiences, find important patterns, create early-warning systems related to key processes, and enhance research efforts, product development and messaging.
  • SAS is used in facets of many industries that are actively examining their text data. For example, SAS is used for early-warning systems and citizen intelligence in government, patient safety in health care, and digital content performance in the media industry.

Ready to learn more?

Packaged developer libraries are available for OEM customers to embed Teragram Linguistics technology into your installed, SaaS or cloud based solutions. Please contact us at 1-800-727-0025 (US and Canada) or request more information.