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Master Data Management Support

SAS Enterprise Data Integration Server supports integration hubs with its functionality and a layer of metadata, to facilitate the intelligent design and implementation of master data environments. SAS provides unsurpassed data access, reusable business rules to clean, standardize and enhance data as it moves into the master reference file, and an intuitive development environment is adaptable to each organization's technologies and standards for increased productivity and rapid results.

  • Provides a 360-degree view of data. 
  • Saves money and resources due to improved revenue management, effective marketing and better business decisions. 
  • Supports rapid query, analysis and reporting functionality required for successful business initiatives. 
  • Allows users to access multiple data sources and instantly transform the data into useful information for analysis.


  • Support semantic data descriptions of input and output data sources that uniquely identify each instance of a business element (customer, product, account, etc.) and standardize the master data model to provide a single source of truth. 
  • Powerful transformation tools and embedded data quality processes ensure that master data is correct.
  • Business rules library contains reusable business rules that clean, standardize, match and enhance data as it moves into the master reference file and is reused for downstream processes.
  • Data feeds can arrive in a single transaction or hundreds of transactions at a time.
  • Data sets can be processed in a single pass of the source data.

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