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Interactive Data Integration Development Environment

SAS Enterprise Data Integration Server provides a powerful visual design tool for building, implementing and managing data integration processes regardless of data sources, applications or platforms. An easy-to-manage, multiple-user environment enables collaboration on large enterprise projects with repeatable processes that are easily shared. The creation and management of data and metadata are improved with extensive impact analysis of potential changes made across all data integration processes.

  • Enables users to quickly build and edit data integration processes.
  • Automatically captures and manages standardized metadata from any source.
  • Lets you easily display, visualize and understand enterprise metadata and your data integration processes.


  • An easy-to-use, point-and-click GUI uses an intuitive set of configurable windows for managing data integration development processes.
  • A visual end-to-end process designer lets developers quickly build and edit processes.
  • Drag-and-drop functionality eliminates programming.
  • Wizards make it easy to access source systems, create target structures, import and export metadata, and build and execute ETL process flows.
  • The multiple-user, multiple-level design environment supports collaboration on large, enterprise projects.
  • Role-based permissions show users only what they are authorized to see.
  • Customizable metadata tree views let users display, visualize and understand metadata.
  • Dedicated GUI for profiling data to identify and repair source system issues while retaining the business rules for use in other ETL processes.
  • Interactive debugging and testing of jobs during development and full access to logs.
  • Check-in/check-out of jobs, related tables and objects; and job status viewing.
  • Audit history lets designers see which jobs or tables were changed, when and by whom.
  • Ability to distribute data integration tasks to nearly any platform and to connect virtually any source or target data store.


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