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Data Federation

Use a single point of real-time data access across your enterprise

Organizations today have data stored and scattered in and across numerous data sources. Often what’s needed is fast access to the most current operational data to support real-time analytics and reporting needs. SAS/ACCESS software (included with SAS Enterprise Data Integration Server) provides the ability to integrate data 'in place' by providing federated views that span multiple data repositories. This enables you to use data from different systems without the physical reconciliation or movement of source data.

  • Delivers up-to-date data that is consistent and accurate. 
  • Delivers information more quickly by avoiding unnecessary replication and movement of data. 
  • Reduces development requirements, maintenance time and storage needs for a more cost-effective solution.


  • Virtual access to database structures, ERP applications, legacy files, text, XML, message queues and a host of other sources. 
  • Join data across these virtual data sources for real-time access and analysis. 
  • Instant access to a real-time view across multiple data sets. 
  • Query optimization for homogenous and heterogeneous data sources.

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