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Business visualization

SAS Enterprise BI Server and SAS Visual BI provide interactive visualization capabilities that enable decision makers to dynamically explore ideas, investigate patterns, uncover hidden facts and share those insights across the enterprise for better decision making. An extensive suite of customizable graphical presentation options present information and insights not easily detected in tabular formats.

  • Provides self-service access to dynamic, visualization environments. 
  • Reduces the overdependence on IT for ad hoc requests.
  • Enables sharing of information via dashboards, reports and Microsoft Office applications so that discoveries can be easily understood and appropriate actions can be taken.
  • Provide dynamic business visualization for interactive data exploration, visual queries and more.
  • See relationships that are not easily discovered in tabular formats.
  • Make complex interrelationships visible in an easy-to-understand picture.
  • Create data movies using engaging, Adobe Flash-based interactivity.
  • Provide highly interactive business graphics, including animated bubble plots, 3-D scatter plots, trellis plots, summary charts and needle charts.
  • Generate static or dynamic interactive (Java or ActiveX) charts and graphs that can be used in third-party applications.
  • Visually query and filter data for interactive tabulation with the ability to rearrange data at will.
  • Provide visual analytics, including interactive simulations and optimization, and state-of-the-art time series modeling.

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