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Microsoft Office and SharePoint Integration

SAS® Enterprise BI Server enables users to transparently use the power of SAS data access, reporting, performance metrics and analytics directly from Microsoft Office. After arriving at the desired results, they can easily distribute the Office documents or key business indicators to relevant decision makers using native Microsoft Office functionality. Collaborate on report results by publishing them with SAS Web Parts for Microsoft Sharepoint. Because the data is maintained centrally, IT can oversee and validate the data used for analyses and reports for confident decision making.

  • Allows all Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook users to access approved enterprise data for extended analysis capabilities.
  • Provides greater collaboration and consistency in decision making by delivering standard data and SAS® Analytics capabilities to more users in the organization.
  • Access SAS capabilities for data access, reporting and analytics directly from Microsoft Office tools, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.
  • Wizard-driven report creation within Microsoft Office tools.
  • Provide offline viewing of previously created results.
  • Use Microsoft Excel as an application instead of an ad hoc data store.
  • Use Microsoft Excel as an editor to perform "write back" of updates to an enterprise data source.
  • Access data from any centrally IT-defined enterprise data source.
  • Refresh data at the click of a button from any central enterprise data source defined by IT.
  • Cycle through data that exceeds row limitations of Microsoft Excel. Server-side optimization ensures large data sources are never transferred as one to the client.
  • Use all the capabilities of Microsoft Excel on the data displayed, but have the ability to always access the latest view of information.
  • Deliver results as RTF (Rich Text Format), HTML with Microsoft Word, raw data (CSV) or HTML into Microsoft Excel for further manipulation with native Microsoft Office functionality.
  • Manipulate pivot tables to illustrate multidimensional data from various sources.
  • Deliver graphics results directly into Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and SharePoint in any of these formats: ActiveX, GIF, JPEG or PNG.
  • Refresh tables and charts automatically to get the latest view of information, pulling from current data that is centrally maintained.
  • Enable distribution of embedded results on demand using native Microsoft Office functionality.
  • Utilize the latest Microsoft Office ribbon-bar technology to logically group like items.
  • Render reports created with SAS Web Report Studio and SAS® Enterprise Guide® inside of Microsoft Office.
  • Provide the ability to add SAS Stored Processes to a SharePoint page using SAS Web Parts for Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Embed information derived from SAS reports at a glance in Microsoft Outlook "gadget pane" to help users monitor organizational performance. Users can delve deeper into analysis and drill to other SAS BI tools and analytics products to gain additional insight.
  • Fully integrated with commonly used Microsoft Office options, calendar, tasks and categories.
  • Using SAS Rapid Predictive Modeler as a task within Microsoft Excel, business analysts or subject-matter experts can quickly and efficiently create predictive models. (Requires SAS® Enterprise Miner TM 6.2 or 7.1.)

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