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Applications development

SAS Enterprise BI Server includes a fourth-generation programming language and ready-to-use programs for data manipulation, information storage and retrieval, statistics and reporting.

Also available as an add-on module is SAS AppDev Studio™, a comprehensive application development environment that enables IT to quickly and cost-effectively develop and customize applications in a variety of languages.

  • Helps you create Java and other applications that leverage the full power of SAS.
  • Hides programming complexities with powerful wizards and quick-start templates.
  • Lets you develop and test applications on desktops or laptops without involving production systems.
  • A comprehensive standalone development environment, including a Java IDE, provides all required SAS components on one machine for easy development and testing.
  • Incorporates all SAS APIs and components for easy reuse in corporate standard development environments.
  • Provides a powerful set of quick-start templates.
  • Allows for the easy customization and extension of an organization’s business intelligence environment.

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