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SAS® Management Console

Single point of control for performing all administrative tasks for business analytics applications

SAS Management Console offers a standardized, common management tool that enables enterprises to support many technologies from a single point of administration. This client application utilizes an extensible plug-in architecture, allowing you to customize the console to support a wide range of administrative capabilities.

SAS Management Console provides a single point of control for managing the enterprise intelligence creation process, including data integration, storage, reporting and analytics. By leveraging one administrative interface, the console requires less training time, reduces the number of steps involved in administration and provides an opportunity to uphold standard operating procedures and minimize manual work by enabling repeatable processes.

It is designed for IT managers in departments looking to overcome the software management issues imposed by current business analytics software implementations.

  • Manage your intelligence infrastructure easily. Rather than using a separate administrative interface for each application in your computing environment, you can use the SAS Management Console's single interface to perform the administrative tasks required to create and maintain an integrated environment across multiple platforms.
  • Manage authorization information from a single facility. SAS Management Console allows you to create, manage and maintain authorization information for your users and groups in one place. This authorization facility ensures that access to metadata resources is controlled centrally, easing the implementation of a corporate security strategy.
  • Reduce administrative support costs. Centralized creation and management of definitions and connections for servers in your environment provides transparency to your back-end operations. As a result, users don't have to be trained and updated on the physical location and access information for your data. SAS Management Console enables you to easily manage metadata resources across multiple platforms. Centrally managing repositories with one tool allows you to provide a common method of searching and managing distinct collections of metadata while enabling sharing of metadata across applications.
  • Manage environment and resource allocation and usage. A single point of control for monitoring and administering your SAS environment enables you to deal with large jobs that utilize too many resources, without affecting other SAS users. Out-of-control sessions can be identified and terminated on a one-by-one basis, and servers can be stopped, restarted, paused and quiesced. Integration with third-party monitoring tools allows administrators better insights into their entire environment.


Centralized management

  • Can be run from an administrator's desktop system, yet it can manage the resources on all platforms supported by SAS. It provides centralized management of:
    • Resource access control policies. Provide the ability to grant access to resources by users or groups and assign attributes to protect those resources.
    • Library and server definitions. Logical names for libraries and servers can be set up by the administrator.
    • Metadata repositories. An administrator can manage the creation, replication and promotion of repositories from his or her desktop, eliminating the need for the administrator to be located near the servers.
    • Server administration. An administrator can monitor and administer all servers and sessions on those servers within the SAS environment.
    • Technical and business metadata. Provides centralized organization and management of all significant business and technical metadata. The console also works with XML-generated metadata, predefined processes and tasks, and business metadata.
    • Management of clustered metadata servers. Monitor the current state of the metadata cluster as a single entity, and inspect and control individual nodes within the metadata cluster by using the SAS Management Console Server Manager.
    • Manage metadata-bound libraries. Bind, unbind and change passwords on metadata-bound libraries. Metadata-bound libraries are physical directories bound to metadata to create a secure library object. A secure library object can be accessed only by users who have sufficient metadata-layer permissions.
    • Grid options set. The SAS Grid Manager server resource template enables you to define and edit SAS grid option sets in SAS metadata. When a workspace server is configured to use the grid algorithm for load balancing, you can now specify that SAS Grid Manager start the new servers.

A wizard-driven approach

  • Guides users through almost all tasks, easing and speeding the management of enterprise intelligence architectures and reducing the cost of management and maintenance.

An extensible architecture

  • Allows customers and third-party vendors to write plug-ins for extending and customizing the capabilities of the console using the included developer's kit.

SAS Management Console is a component of Base SAS software. 


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