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SAS® Metadata Server

A centralized repository for storing and managing enterprise metadata

SAS Metadata Server provides an open, centralized repository for storing and managing enterprise metadata that is created and required by an organization to support its business analytics strategy. Unless organizations operate with a single source of integrated metadata (information about data sources, content, business rules and access authorizations), it is a struggle to deliver consistent information.

SAS Metadata Server delivers the power to integrate, share, centrally manage and leverage metadata across entire organizations. It is designed for IT systems administrators looking to reduce the number of metadata silos and the costs of maintaining them to support enterprise strategies.

  • Simplify systems support. SAS Metadata Server enables organizations to leverage the benefits of metadata easily and consistently. This "data about data" contains valuable information on the source and format of the data, the changes it has undergone and how the data should be used.
  • Ensure data integrity. The entire end-to-end intelligence creation process can be documented on a metadata level using SAS Metadata Server. Repositories can be promoted from development to test to production, ensuring that users have access to the repository that meets accepted corporate quality standards.
  • Lower cost of ownership. Because multiple data sources are supported through a common metadata layer, you can easily leverage existing database infrastructures.


SAS® Metadata Model

  • The model is the center of the SAS Open Metadata Architecture and defines the common semantics for the metadata types.
  • Provides a set of metadata types used for saving metadata on the server.
SAS® Open Metadata Interface
  • An application programming interface (API) provides access to SAS Metadata Server from a variety of environments, including Java, C, COM/DCOM and SAS.
  • Uses XML as the metadata transport format.
  • Supports browsing, updating and deleting metadata.
Openness, bridges and interoperability
  • Adheres to the Object Management Group's Common Warehouse Metamodel (CWM) as the interoperability and interchange standard.
  • An alliance between SAS and Meta Integration Technology Inc. (MITI) enables SAS to provide bridges for sharing and exchanging metadata with more than 40 design tool and repository vendors.
Metadata management
  • A Java framework provides a standardized interface for managing metadata and resources.
  • Lets you control metadata servers, create and manage metadata repositories and manage resources.
  • Lets you define and configure SAS servers and connections, use prototypes and definitions of attributes for each type of server, generate run-time visuals based on prototypes, and provide easy and extensible definitions.
  • Provides support for user-written plug-ins to handle specialized or site-specific administrative tasks.
Metadata authorization and administration
  • Administrators can create and manage metadata repositories, control the metadata server and interact with running repository servers:
    • Define and configure SAS servers and connections.
    • Define and manage users, groups and permissions.
    • Control access to metadata, relational data and OLAP resources.
    • Extend access controls to related metadata objects through inheritance.
Change management
  • Control concurrent access to metadata.
  • Change metadata without interfering with existing use.
  • Track change history to determine who managed a change and when the change took place.
  • Check metadata in and out.
  • Copy metadata.
Importing and exporting metadata
  • Support for the Common Warehouse Metamodel/XML Metadata Interchange (CWM/XML) enables you to import metadata from a variety of sources.
  • Use the Import wizard to invoke and specify output locations for imported metadata.
  • Use the Export wizard to easily drive the export process:
    • Export metadata describing schemas, tables, columns, indexes and keys.
    • Export metadata to other export types with the installation of appropriate MIMB software.

SAS Metadata Server is a component of Base SAS software, which provides the foundation for all SAS solutions.

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