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SAS® Analytic Advantage for Teradata

In today’s competitive and changing global economy, every problem has an opportunity attached. Most organizations struggle to manage and glean insights from data and utilize analytic results to improve performance. They often find analytic model development, deployment and management to be a time-consuming, labor-intensive process, especially when combined with excessive data movement and redundancy.

To help organizations overcome these challenges, SAS and Teradata Corporation have created the SAS and Teradata Analytic Advantage Program to offer in-database analytics. This program provides competitively priced, integrated packages that enable you to quickly and cost-effectively implement and deploy SAS Business Analytics with the Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse platform.

Incorporating the newest releases of SAS and Teradata, including jointly developed software and services, the SAS and Teradata Analytic Advantage Program enables you to efficiently turn information into usable insights, as well as:

  • Minimize risk and maximize value. Invest in the best analytics and data warehouse solutions to enable a streamlined analytic modeling approach. Improve business performance with broader use of operational data and analytics.
  • Implement better, faster analytics. Streamlined analytic data preparation steps to improve efficiency and reduce time to analytic results. Increase confidence with improved precision, accuracy and freshness of analytic models.
  • Increase efficiency and manageability. Accelerate model deployment with automated conversion of models into in-database objects. Reduce data movement, redundancy and latency by leveraging in-database processing

One Program Offering Three Powerful Packages

We’ve designed the SAS and Teradata Analytic Advantage Program to meet any organization’s unique or changing analytic and data warehousing requirements. The SAS Analytic Advantage for Teradata offering includes three different packages to meet your growing analytic needs. Each of the three packages is paired with the Teradata data warehousing package, providing a powerful foundation for analytic processing.

Comprehensive Support and Service

A full range of services is available to facilitate implementation at all levels of analytic and data warehousing, from entry level to enterprise level. There are two distinct service offerings.
  • Analytic Advantage Services from SAS and Teradata provide help at every step of the analytic life cycle. Services are available for preparing a reusable, shareable analytic data set; integrating an analytic development environment with the data warehouse; model development; in-database model translation and deployment; and data and model management. These services have been designed to guide the implementation of the in-database analytic environment to meet your business needs.
  • Teradata data warehousing services focus on the implementation of a Teradata development environment or a single-subject data warehouse in support of SAS Analytics. Duration, scope and deliverables vary based on the services selected.

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