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E-commerce service provider Vistaprint markets efficiently with SAS® Marketing Automation

Vistaprint is a fast-growing and innovative e-commerce provider that makes it easy for microbusinesses to get great-looking design, print and marketing services at superior prices. With more than 9 million active customers worldwide, the global company generated more than $670 million in revenue last year. SAS Marketing Automation helps Vistaprint grow by matching the right promotion to the right customer.
Organization challenges 

  • Managing an average of more than 1 million new customers each quarter.
  • Maintaining strong customer retention with so many new customers.
  • Determining and managing the optimal level of customer contacts to maximize business.
  • Creating offers that increase lift.

Selecting SAS®
The company was already using SAS tools regularly, but needed a highly scalable solution that marketers could access daily. 

SAS® Marketing Automation results
Vistaprint can now send more tailored, customized, and targeted campaigns to the right contacts at the right time.  The company knows which customers will respond to frequent e-mails and those who are more likely to purchase if e-mailed less often.
A nuanced – and highly automated – approach to marketing
With SAS, Vistaprint can automate e-mails based on customer behavior. If a customer shops online for postcards, but drops off before purchasing, the SAS solution allows Vistaprint to trigger an e-mail the following day with an offer (such as free shipping) designed to get the customer to close the deal.

The solution provides “smart” triggers that understand the value of the customer before an offer is made. For high-volume customers who don’t complete an order, the names will automatically be sent to customer service for a follow-up call. For products such as brochures, where a customer might need to work on the piece over several trips to the site, the company holds the trigger e-mail until the point that testing (also using SAS) shows that it is best to send an e-mail.

Long-term goal
Be more efficient in customer contact strategy while increasing revenue.

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Quickly segment customers and build customized campaign lists to drive customer retention, new customer acquisition and revenue growth
SAS Marketing Automation has allowed Vistaprint to exponentially increase the amount of targeted campaigns to fit the needs of its large, diverse and growing customer base

Without a doubt, SAS Marketing Automation and analytics have played an integral role in our marketing success.

Todd McClain

Vice President, Segment Marketing

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