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Nth Analytics saves time, enhances consistency with SAS®

Nth Analytics is a clinical biometrics services consulting firm that offers high-quality, cost-efficient biometrics services to the pharmaceutical industry. The company maintains a staff of senior programmers, biostatisticians, QC specialists and project managers to help clients meet the regulatory demands of submitting clinical data. With SAS, Nth is producing consistent code in a fraction of the time.

Nth Analytics manages, summarizes, reports and analyzes clinical data for businesses ranging from major pharmaceutical clients to biotech and contract research organizations. It has made its name with a team of expert SAS programmers who can cost-effectively create a product that meets exacting FDA reporting standards.

The Princeton, N.J. company wanted to compete against larger companies by doing more with less. SAS helped Nth Analytics meet its goals. “We not only wanted to generate a better product, but we wanted to have a better methodology,’’ says Mike Todd, President of Nth Analytics. “By using newer SAS tools, we gain an edge on our competitors.”

“With SAS Enterprise BI Server the data is more manageable because the software writes the code for you,’’ explains Todd. It’s also easy to use with employees in multiple locations. “With SAS, we can access data on multiple databases and platforms; and we work directly off the server, so we have a single, consistent view of the information.’’

Programming errors have been virtually eliminated, says Anne Russotto, Senior Project Manager. “It increases our program efficiency and our validation success rate.”

A table that once took a programmer six to eight hours to complete now takes two to three hours. “You used to have to do a lot of testing to verify the results, and we’ve been able to cut that out,’’ Russotto says. “SAS cuts through the data sets, automatically generating frequency counts and graphs. So you can see any data anomaly.’’

The end result: “Project timelines shrink by 25 percent, and you can work with fewer people,’’ Russotto says.

Our clients receive standardized data, including the programming code. Everything comes out in a uniform format – something that doesn’t happen with traditional coding procedures. “It’s nice to deliver code that looks good and operates the same way,” Russotto says.

It’s also presented to the client in a format suitable for immediate FDA submission. “They can send our programs directly along,’’ Todd says. “SAS is helping us become more responsive to our clients, improve the efficiency of internal processes and expand our business.’’

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Nth Analytics


Nth Analytics needed to analyze clinical research data more efficiently to grow its business.


SAS streamlines the coding process and reduces errors, shrinking the time it takes to complete projects.


With SAS, programming a complex table takes less than half the time it previously did. Project timelines have shrunk 25 percent, and the company needs fewer staff for each project, which allows it to reduce its bidding price and free up resources.

SAS is helping us become more responsive to our clients, improve the efficiency of internal processes and expand our business.

Mike Todd


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