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Highmark bests competition with real-time reporting

Health insurer Highmark wanted a more effective way to share data with internal and external customers. Using SAS, it created Reports@HandSM, an interactive Web-based reporting tool that allows customers to create and request detailed reports in real time without the help of the IT department. Highmark says it gives the company an edge against its competitors.

Highmark, the Pennsylvania-based Blue Cross and Blue Shield affiliate, wanted to broaden the number of business users who could perform analyses. It also wanted to increase its competitiveness by providing customers with up-to-date utilization data. 

Because of rising healthcare costs, both Highmark and its customers are trying to save money. For Highmark, Reports@Hand reduces administrative costs and reporting workloads. Business users can order high-level insurance claims analysis reports online without making a request to the informatics department. Customers can track healthcare expenses by receiving automated reports on a monthly, or even weekly, basis. An employer might be tracking how many employees use mail-order pharmacies versus filling prescriptions at a retail outlet. Highmark might search for high-cost claimants and route them to case managers for evaluation of possible intervention programs. 

Instead of processing requests for data from customers, Highmark’s  informatics division can now act as benefit consultants, taking over the data both parties are looking at to determine  possible areas of cost savings. If drug costs are high, a benefit consultant might help a company set up a program to steer employers to generic drugs. If the company is insuring a large pool of diabetic members, Highmark can suggest a management program to improve care and lower costs.

Highmark put Reports@Hand together with the help of SAS Consulting Services.

"With its ability to satisfy business customers' last-minute deadlines and immediate need for healthcare data, Reports@Hand sets Highmark apart from other health insurers," says Jim Walrath, Senior Client Manager, National Accounts. "I'm able to generate an analytical report while on the phone with a major client. Such quick and accurate service amazes our clients.''

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Business Issue:

Highmark wanted business users to generate reports quickly without help from the IT department.


SAS Consulting Services helped Highmark create Reports@Hand, an interactive Web-based reporting tool that allows both internal and external customers to access data as it is needed.


With customers receiving reports at the click of a mouse and Highmark business users able to analyze data as they talk to customers, Reports@Hand gives Highmark an edge over its competition.

I'm able to generate an analytical report while on the phone with a major client. Such quick and accurate service amazes our clients.

Jim Walrath

Senior Client Manager, Highmark

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