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ING DIRECT Canada enhances marketing campaigns with SAS®

With SAS® Marketing Automation, ING DIRECT Canada spends just hours executing marketing campaigns that once took weeks to put together.

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Rene Bettio
Senior Manager of Data Base Marketing

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ING DIRECT Canada provides simple banking products with no fees and great rates that it says have helped Canadians earn more than $3 billion in interest since it started more than a decade ago. ING DIRECT’s no-frills, innovative banking model requires a sophisticated marketing approach to attract and retain clients.

When it began offering direct banking, the company focused on finding clients. ING DIRECT Canada used SAS to build models to identify the advertising outlets that were bringing in the most clients. As the client base grew, ING DIRECT needed an ongoing means of cross-selling, up-selling and retaining clients. With speed and automation critical, the bank chose SAS Marketing Automation. The solution helps companies improve marketing effort response rates and revenues by providing comprehensive data management, campaign management and advanced customer analytics in one integrated solution.

“We are always working to differentiate ING DIRECT from the competition to increase our client base and their savings,” says Rene Bettio, ING DIRECT Canada’s Senior Manager of Data Base Marketing.

Before implementing SAS Marketing Automation, the bank was using a system that required a few weeks to create a campaign. “It was very cumbersome,’’ Bettio says.

Having used SAS in the past, the bank wanted to see what new products SAS had to offer. “We know that SAS is very diligent about listening to its customers, which made us want to find out more about SAS Marketing Automation. We were impressed,” Bettio says.

Bettio is particularly happy with a SAS feature that allows his staff to schedule and automate campaigns to run at future dates. “It saves so much time and I can deploy my analysts in other areas. A campaign that used to take a week or two to execute now only takes hours, and our campaign productivity has jumped tenfold.’’

However, more campaigns don’t lead to an onslaught of e-mails, phone calls and direct mail to clients. The opposite is true. The bank targets its messaging carefully. For instance, if a client’s GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate) is coming due, the automated system sends out an e-mail or letter providing information on the latest rates and options. “It’s all about presenting the right offer to the right client at the right time,’’ Bettio says.

For internal clients, Bettio can set up automated reports. For example, the executives interested in GIC renewal rates, and marketing results to improve those rates, can get a weekly report without his analysts having to create it.

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Rene Bettio
Senior Manager of Data Base Marketing


ING DIRECT needed to automate its marketing campaigns to save time.
SAS® Marketing Automation lets the bank create more targeted marketing and automates the process of sending reports on campaign progress.
With SAS, campaign execution time has decreased from a few weeks to a few hours.

SAS really has a good sense of what a business needs.

Rene Bettio

Senior Manager, Data Base Marketing, ING DIRECT Canada

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