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Supplier Intelligence

Gain the insights to transform procurement from tactical to strategic

Today, procurement organizations can’t only rely on automating processes and favoring the least-cost suppliers to be competitive. Instead, they must develop comprehensive sourcing strategies, optimize supplier relationships and proactively plan risk mitigation – which all require greater visibility of the supply chain.

SAS can help you drive that strategic evolution, with integrated data management and analytic tools designed specifically for procurement professionals. SAS® supplier intelligence solutions transform data from multiple, disparate systems into holistic supplier intelligence, uncovering the hidden insights required to optimize supply chain performance while minimizing supply risk. With analytics-driven intelligence, you can reduce supply chain disruptions, optimize spend and manage supplier performance.

Components of Supplier Intelligence

  • Commodity Classification. SAS for commodity classification integrates and cleanses large amounts of procurement information from multiple, disparate sources – internal and external – and classifies your total spend information into meaningful categories. With this capability, you can understand true volumes per commodity and supplier, gain a comprehensive view of supplier activity, and develop sourcing strategies based on a reliable big-picture perspective.
  • Spend Analysis. SAS Spend Analysis not only increases visibility into procurement spend, but also provides a dynamic system for prioritizing your suppliers. You can aggregate, cleanse, and analyze spend and other vendor data to clarify your spend by commodities, products, services and suppliers, and use a dynamic ranking system for identifying and prioritizing your most valuable suppliers.

SAS provides essential visibility into suppliers' financial and operational performance through industry-leading analytics with predefined methodologies, so you can develop, implement and maintain a supply risk management strategy across the enterprise to better predict potential supply disruptions and proactively mitigate risks. SAS lets you integrate data from multiple systems to access relevant supplier, financial, operational, environmental and geographic data for comprehensive risk assessment.

By gaining a consolidated view of risk indicators and exposures, you can implement a cohesive risk management strategy across the enterprise. Read more in our sascom® article "Reducing the Impact of Disruptions to the Supply Chain: A Managerial Framework Based on Observations from Multiple Executives".

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