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SAS® Service Intelligence

SAS Service Intelligence helps organizations monitor, predict and optimize their entire service chain. This family of flexible, extensible solutions includes prebuilt, service-chain-specific data and analytical models, as well as streamlined processes and techniques that speed up both implementation and results, giving you a fast track to significant ROI.

" SAS is helping us make discoveries so that we can address the core issues before they ever become problems – and we can make sure that we are addressing the right causes. We're talking about hundreds of millions of dollars in savings."

—Tracy Cermack

Project Manager in the Service Engineering Information Department

American Honda

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Components of SAS® Service Intelligence

  • SAS Service Parts Optimization - Forecast short-term, new-part and lifecycle parts demand. The solution calculates optimized inventory and order quantities for parts distribution systems, helping you maintain adequate stock levels, maximize response times and improve customer satisfaction.
  • SAS Service Operations Optimization - Analyze operational data by product, customer, geography, service code, call agent, technician, etc., and then identify the root cause of inefficient internal processes. Leverage features such as call pattern and resolution analysis, call center optimization, financial analysis, and service provider performance rankings and forecasts.
  • SAS Warranty Analysis - Integrate warranty data with key customer, product, manufacturing and geographic information so you can make informed, timely decisions and reduce warranty costs.
  • Suspect Claims Detection - Identify 100 percent of suspicious claims and service providers and optimize auditor time with this SAS OnDemand solution for rapid business results and minimal IT investment.
  • SAS® Contact Center Planning and Optimization - Reduce contact center costs and increase customer satisfaction and retention using advanced forecasting and optimization.

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