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SAS® IT Intelligence for VMware Infrastructure

Adoption of server virtualization has increased exponentially over the past few years. With this technology, IT organizations are transforming resources into “virtual” hardware-independent containers – which can be moved and changed as needed – to run existing applications and operating systems more efficiently. Virtualization provides high resource availability and great flexibility in managing the IT infrastructure. VMware leads in the server virtualization market segment with its ESX Server.

As more customers adopt VMware Infrastructure as their primary platform for all types of applications, they need a system for:

  • Monitoring and predicting the usage, availability and performance of their virtual resources.
  • Performing resource optimization and capacity planning.
  • Tracking costs and implementing chargeback systems across physical and virtual environments.

SAS IT Intelligence for VMware Infrastructure combines data gathered from VMware VirtualCenter (the management component of VMware Infrastructure) with other enterprisewide IT resource measurements and runs it through SAS data integration, business intelligence and analytic applications. This produces the information and insights that enable you to make precise business decisions about the management of your virtual and physical IT resources. SAS IT Intelligence for VMware Infrastructure includes:

  • SAS IT Resource Management. This solution enables IT organizations to analyze, monitor and anticipate the utilization and performance of the IT infrastructure. It also delivers foresight into planning scenarios for future growth based on business demands. The data integration and reporting capabilities provide a single, centralized view of IT resources and services across the enterprise, enabling more precise decisions based on the most current and reliable information.
  • SAS Profitability Management. Working in concert with SAS IT Resource Management, SAS Profitability Management provides a solution for tracking and managing IT costs for chargeback purposes. It provides more accurate cost and profit calculations based on the rule-driven allocation of expenses and revenue down to the lowest level the individual transaction.

SAS IT Intelligence for VMware Infrastructure adds value to your virtual and physical IT infrastructure by:

  • Providing an enterprisewide view of VMware performance and capacity utilization information.
  • Optimizing placement or deployment of virtual machines on physical servers to achieve operational effectiveness.
  • Optimizing utilization, availability and performance from all IT resources for compliance with IT budgets.
  • Providing foresight into planning scenarios (for demand, capacity and licensing) to handle future growth.
  • Improving service level commitments. When IT is tuned to business priorities, it can deliver services and resources in a predictable and timely manner.
  • Providing a framework for making faster, better decisions to align IT and business units.

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