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IT Management with SAS® IT Intelligence

Delivering performance management, capacity planning and intelligence for virtual and physical infrastructures

SAS IT Intelligence is a comprehensive solution that helps you optimize IT resources, services and financial impact, all in support of strategic business goals. It provides powerful tools to anticipate and align the right mix of physical and virtual IT resources to meet business demands, and assess IT performance and costs across your infrastructure. From every vantage point you can increase the business value of IT, ensuring high quality of IT services as you manage risk and minimize the cost of delivery.

Components of IT Management with SAS® IT Intelligence

  • SAS IT Resource Management – Assess availability, forecast demand and infrastructure requirements, and report on metrics to deploy the right IT resources at the right time.

How SAS® Is Different

SAS IT Management solutions enable you to access, enhance and aggregate IT performance measurements from physical and virtual systems and then transform the metrics into analyses.

  • Produces report-ready performance management and capacity planning data sources, and provides more than 4,000 out-of-the-box IT reports.
  • Applies industry-leading forecasting and analytic capabilities to create foresight into IT resource demand and capacity.
  • Delivers resulting IT intelligence via an interactive Web application that allows IT and business organizations to retrieve that information in a self-service and on-demand manner.
  • Supports accounting methodologies to make reliable cost information available for proper allocation and cost recovery/chargeback, based on actual consumption of resources in a shared IT environment. This capability can be delivered in a customized solution enabled by SAS Profitability Management and SAS Activity-Based Management software.

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