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Risk Management

Driving business evolution with enterprise risk management

Risk management can help your organization get where you want it to go while avoiding hazards and shocks along the way. It entails more than balancing risk and reward, and it goes beyond regulatory compliance. It's about embedding risk management into everyday processes at all levels of the enterprise to truly drive business evolution.

Only SAS delivers unified, quantitative risk management software that includes:

  • Integrated, comprehensive data management.
  • The most powerful predictive analytics available.
  • User-friendly, self-service reporting.
  • A transparent environment that lets you manage the entire process – from identifying risk, to measuring, mitigating and monitoring it on an ongoing basis.

Enterprise risk management software for your industry

  • Banking and financial services. Drive profitability, manage risk and achieve compliance with confidence.
  • Energy. Manage energy commodity portfolios with integrated risk solutions.
  • Government. Take a risk-based approach to making the most of available funds and driving out fraud.
  • Insurance. Gain a risk-based view of your enterprise, and improve your return on capital.

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