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SAS® for Nonprofit Organizations

For the challenges nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations face in accomplishing their missions, SAS offers affordable, comprehensive and easy-to-use solutions that keep your attention where it should be – on being a catalyst for accountability, awareness and capacity building. Since 1976, SAS has helped global nonprofit clients, including economic aid organizations, hospitals, museums, cultural centers, human services, public/private schools, faith-based services and environmental conservationists. SAS offers a diverse suite of solutions well-suited for small to midsize organizations.

Which Problem Are You Trying to Solve?

Environment and Sustainability

To demonstrate the value of the good work you do and the economic impact that it has on the community, SAS for Sustainability Management solutions display performance dashboards, forecasts and other measures, as well as show potential donors and students at educational institutions how they benefit directly from your efforts.  

Financial Management

Keeping track of staff and volunteers, multiple donor programs, multiyear capital campaigns and building projects can be all-consuming without the right software to keep you on target. With SAS, you can even predict with more accuracy point-of-sale activity at gift shops, restaurants, box office ticket counters or membership systems.

Campaign Management

With SAS, you can manage multiple campaigns simultaneously. Donor retention, segmentation, e-mail marketing and event-driven marketing can yield new levels of response and gift giving as you interact with donors through their preferred communication channels.

Donor Acquisition and Fundraising

Having access to accurate donor data is essential for conducting complex fundraising and endowment campaigns. With SAS, you can take a holistic approach to engage your donor community – from formulating strategy, to gaining insight from data and analytics, to optimizing donor interactions, to understanding the donor experience. 

Social Analysis and Sentiment Analysis

Identify, measure and visualize social groups based on relationships in social media to maximize the success of your marketing campaigns. Collect digital content sources to extract the sentiments expressed and identify social trends or create graphical reports that describe the feelings of donors, citizens or members in real time.

Performance Management

Through dashboards, you can visualize your strategic plans and guide day-to-day activities. By allowing each staff member to view cause-and-effect relationships, SAS empowers your team to know not only what to do, but also know why getting grants or earning a patent is important in achieving your objectives.

Data and Geospatial Analysis

With SAS, you can identify previously unknown patterns in crime and census data, and spot patterns across regions, cities and inside communities. For instance, natural sciences organizations can closely monitor natural habitats and trends that affect migration or population.

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