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SAS® High-Performance Computing

Exploit big data with fast response times to produce rapid insights and identify optimal actions

Demands on IT to deliver a scalable environment and faster response times continue to increase as more data, users and applications are being utilized to solve complex business problems.

SAS is investing in high performance computing technologies to deliver better performance, manage diverse workloads and guarantee uptime in order to meet new business demands.

SAS currently offers high-performance computing technology in the form of SAS In-Database and SAS Grid Computing. SAS is taking high-performance computing a step further with SAS In-Memory Analytics, creating a single system to analyze massive amounts of data in parallel and answer complex business questions in real time. Select SAS solutions will leverage SAS In-Memory Analytics (patent pending) across a specialized grid configuration to solve even larger and complex business problems in parallel, that were not previously possible, with speed and effectiveness.

Components of SAS® High-Performance Computing

  • Grid Computing – Leverage a centrally-managed grid infrastructure to achieve dynamic workload balancing, high availability and parallel processing for data management, analytics and reporting.
  • In-Database Analytics – Natively execute relevant SAS software functions inside databases to improve data governance and reduce the time needed to build, deploy and update analytical models.
  • In-Memory Analytics – Solve complex problems using big data and sophisticated analytics in a distributed, in-memory and parallel environment to make better decisions within tight time frames.

How SAS® Is Different

  • Find answers to your most complex problems faster than ever before. Combining industry-leading business analytics software with high-performance computing technologies produces fast answers to previously unsolvable problems and enables SAS customers to gain competitive advantage. SAS has integrated data management and analytics with high-performance computing to provide a faster analytics platform.
  • Take advantage of the hardware advances and processing options. SAS High-Performance Computing enables customers to take advantage of innovative hardware advances and different processing options to solve larger problems and tackle more complex scenarios.
  • Transform your big data assets into true business value. SAS leads the way in empowering organizations to transform their structured and unstructured assets into business value using big data analytics with multiple deployment options. SAS offers flexible architecture approaches that are optimized to address new business requirements and remove infrastructure constraints.
  • Solve your specific business problems with targeted, high-performance solutions. SAS continues to solve some of the most complex domain and vertical-specific business issues in the world. Every level of SAS software, including targeted analytical solutions, use SAS High-Performance Computing components to address needs posed by big data analytics.

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