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SAS® In-Memory Analytics

Resolve complex problems in near-real time for highly accurate insights

The need for faster response times to solve complex business scenarios and deliver timely, reliable insights is increasing. With SAS In-Memory Analytics, organizations can tackle previously unsolvable problems using big data and sophisticated analytics in an unfettered and rapid manner.

SAS In-Memory Analytics provides concurrent, multiuser access to data, big and small, to enable extremely fast analytic operations. The software is optimized for distributed in-memory processing, which can scale with your business needs. Requests to run new scenarios or complex computations are handled blazingly fast.

Solutions and Capabilities Using SAS® In-Memory Analytics

Coming Soon! New In-Memory Solutions from SAS

  • A single interactive programming environment for your entire data-to-decision process – Get the most from your Hadoop data with interactive exploratory analysis, data management and advanced analytics. (Coming March 2014) (Watch a demo)
  • SAS Visual Statistics – Easily and quickly analyze your big data with this interactive and visual advanced analytics environment. (Coming March 2014) (Watch a demo)

How SAS® Can Help

  • Built with analytical workloads in mind. Unlike other in-memory approaches – running queries, descriptive statistics and database workloads – SAS In-Memory Analytics is built with diverse analytical workloads in mind to solve the most complex business problems in a scalable manner.
  • In-memory execution in every phase of the analytics life cycle. Unlike other vendors, SAS uses in-memory analytics technology to perform analyses that range from data exploration, visualization and descriptive statistics to model building with advanced algorithms and scoring new data – all at breakthrough speeds for a real competitive advantage.
  • Targeted, high-performance solutions using in-memory analytics technology. SAS helps solve specific business issues with targeted, high-performance solutions. For example, SAS solutions for risk management, revenue optimization and anti-money laundering use in-memory analytics to address needs posed by big data.

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