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SAS® Data Surveyor for

Easily integrate data from into your business analytics

With SAS Data Surveyor for, you can browse, search, read, write and update data from's CRM application. Including enterprise application data in your business analytics process is critical to empowering and driving accurate business decisions.

Easy-to-use wizards, metadata search features, packaged transformations and integrated data quality tools enable you to integrate relevant data to build the intelligence needed to optimize processes and decisions throughout your organization.


  • Easily include data from enterprise applications in your analytics and business intelligence.
  • Maintain data security and integrity using native interfaces.
  • Manage data on an enterprise scale.

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  • Secure, easy access and integration of data from
  • Powerful metadata integrations and search capabilities
  • Centralized environment for enterprise data integration and data quality
  • Flexible query language and search support

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How SAS® Is Different

  • Integrated and optimized for SAS environments. SAS Data Surveyor for provides an easy-to-use method for integrating CRM application data into business intelligence. It is designed specifically for SAS environments, making it highly optimized in a way that no other solution can be.
  • Extensive data source and platform support. SAS provides the broadest level of support for third-party data sources, running on a broad range of platforms. Customers can trust that data from their ERP and CRM applications, running on any platform, will be integrated into their SAS Business Analytics environment. SAS is committed to supporting the most current releases of data sources and platforms, and is constantly expanding capabilities to support new and emerging data sources and platforms.
  • Flexibility. SAS Data Surveyor for offers customers the ultimate flexibility by supporting both business and technical users with a simple and easy way to access the data. A single solution that can be used by business and technical users gives organizations the ability and flexibility to adapt to changing analytical requirements and dynamic business demands.


  • Easily include data from enterprise applications in your analytics and business intelligence. With SAS Data Surveyor for, users can quickly find necessary data without having to understand the underlying application data structures. An easy-to-use interface and powerful metadata search capabilities enable data integration designers to search, browse and quickly locate relevant information.
  • Maintain data security and integrity using native interfaces. A wizard-driven graphical user interface helps manage, maintain and build the data integration process, making it easy to integrate data from your systems into the SAS environment. Custom coding is not needed to access and use CRM application data. Instead, all relevant extraction information is stored as metadata that is easily managed and maintained, and routines can be reused by other developers and engineers. Certified application interfaces are used to maintain data security and integrity.
  • Manage data on an enterprise scale. Accessing relevant enterprise application data is only one facet of organizational data. SAS is the only software that enables you to manage data on an enterprise scale, allowing the integration of all data sources on all platforms. SAS provides the perfect environment for turning operational data into mission-critical business intelligence.


Secure, easy access and integration of data from
  • Integrates data from, leveraging certified application interfaces.
  • Provides multiple language support.
  • Provides search and clarification of data without affecting CRM system performance. Metadata caching function offloads metadata browsing to the SAS application server.
  • Supports secure and data access models, including organizational roles.
Powerful metadata integrations and search capabilities
  • Reads the data dictionary, enabling you to explore metadata structures without extensive knowledge of data structures.
  • Integration with SAS Metadata Server extends metadata to a common, open metadata framework allowing for consistent analysis and information sharing across the enterprise.
  • Performs metadata decomposition, enabling users to search using business terms and understand how the business objects relate to the underlying data.
  • Provides multiple search capabilities, such as schema, business application area, tables, columns and fields in native languages.
Centralized environment for enterprise data integration and data quality
  • Integrates with other data sources, including Oracle, DB2, SAP, SQL Server and many more.
  • Leverages other SAS solutions to add data quality to the data integration process.
  • Provides a point-and-click process to run application data through SAS data quality routines to ensure quality and consistency.
  • Integration with SAS Metadata Server creates a centralized metadata repository environment that enables consistent analysis, management and information sharing of all of your enterprise data across all platforms.
Flexible query language and search support
  • Enables data integration developers to obtain necessary information based on input from users.
  • Includes many predefined business services, including leads, active campaigns, campaign details, contacts and opportunities for faster implementation times.

System Requirements

Server environment
  • Linux (32-bit): Novell SuSE 10 and 11; RHEL 5 and 6
  • Microsoft Windows (32-bit): Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista*, Windows 7**, Windows Server 2003 family, Windows Server 2008 family
  • Microsoft Windows on x64 (64-bit): Windows XP Professional for x64, Windows Vista* for x64, Windows 7** for x64, Windows Server 2003 family for x64, Windows Server 2008 family for x64
Client environment
  • Microsoft Windows (32-bit): Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista*, Windows 7**
Required software
  • Base SAS®

* NOTE: Windows Vista supported editions are: Enterprise, Ultimate and Business.
** NOTE: Windows 7 supported editions are: Enterprise, Ultimate and Professional.

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