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Migration and Synchronization

Migrating data from system to system is a constant activity for most organizations. Mergers and acquisitions can result in multiple systems with information that needs to be synchronized. Moving legacy data during application upgrades and conversions is ongoing, as is the movement of data in and out of ERP systems.

SAS® Enterprise Data Integration Server provides the capability to migrate, synchronize and replicate data among different operational systems and data sources. Powerful data transformations are available for altering, reformatting and consolidating information. Real-time data quality integration allows data to be cleansed as it is being moved, replicated or synchronized, and you can easily build a library of reusable business rules.

  • Reduces time, cost and risk when consolidating or upgrading legacy applications.
  • Prevents the propagation of bad data by cleansing data as it is moved.
  • Delivers up-to-date and standardized information across large numbers of applications, systems, environments and geographies.


  • Ability to migrate or synchronize data between database structures, enterprise applications, mainframe legacy files, text, XML, message queues and a host of other sources.
  • Metadata-driven access to sources and targets.
  • Extensive library of predefined transformations can be extended and shared with other integration processes.
  • Embedded, reusable data quality business rules clean data as it is moved, synchronized or replicated.
  • Recognizes changes to key fields and replicates/synchronizes changes across multiple databases.
  • Optional, integrated scheduler allows changes made in one or more systems to be propagated to other systems on a scheduled basis.
  • Delivers real-time data services for synchronization and migration projects.

In addition, SAS now provides a data migration offering that brings together a full-featured, state-of-the-art solution that is optimized and licensed especially for data migration projects. This powerful solution includes:

  • An expanded version of SAS Enterprise Data Integration Server, including a suite of advanced data quality tools.
  • All standard SAS/ACCESS® engines based on availability by host. You can use as many as needed to migrate your data.
  • SAS Data Surveyor for SAP may be added upon request at no additional charge.
  • A 90-day, project-based license that can be purchased up to three times prior to being converted to an annual license.

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