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Metadata Management

SAS Enterprise Data Integration Server provides an open enterprise metadata structure that retains and tracks technical, business and administrative metadata, and aids in developing data integration processes. Metadata is stored and managed in a way that leverages and facilitates reuse of existing table definitions, business rules and more. Navigational tools help users understand how the data was derived and where it is stored and used.

  • Shared metadata provides a consistent definition across data sources to speed integration projects, simplify design and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Allows instant reconciliation against other sources of information.


  • Metadata is captured and documented throughout transformations and data integration processes, and is available for immediate reuse.
  • Sophisticated metadata mapping technologies for quickly propagating column definitions from sources to targets, and for creating automated, intelligent table joins.
  • New metadata search tool.
  • Impact analysis for assessing the scope and impact of making changes to existing objects such as columns, tables and process jobs before they occur.
  • Ability to determine the path, processes and transformations taken to produce the resulting information.
  • Data lineage (reverse impact analysis), which is critical for both validating processes and building user confidence in data.
  • Change analysis for metadata change discovery, comparison, analysis and selective propagation.
  • Multiple-user collaboration support includes object check-in and check-out.
  • Promotion and replication of metadata across development, test and production environments.
  • Wizard-driven metadata import and export.
  • Wizard for metadata column standardization.
  • Metadata-driven deployment flexibility so that process jobs can be deployed for batch execution, as reusable stored processes or as Web services.

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