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Connectivity and Data Access

SAS Enterprise Data Integration Server provides con­nectivity to virtually all types of data sources and types, operating systems and hardware environments using both native access and open standards. It also supports the reading and writing of data from message queues and the sending and receiving of data to and from Web services.

  • Leverages all organizational data, regardless of source, for your data integration project.
  • Seamlessly works with all of your data, regardless of where it comes from or where it needs to go.
  • Speeds time to information by automating and simplifying the most common data access tasks.


  • Provides connectivity in batch or through message queues in real time to more data sources on more platforms than any other solution.
  • Data access engines are available for enterprise applications, nonrelational databases, Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), RDBMSs, data warehouse appliances, PC file formats, and more.
  • Specialized table loaders for optimized bulk loading of Oracle, Teradata and DB2.
  • File reader/writer for HDFS.
  • Support for MapReduce, Pig and Hive within flows.
  • Data movement capabilities to and from Hadoop.
  • A complete and shared metadata environment provides consistent data definition across all data sources.
  • Native access methods deliver the best performance and reduce the need for custom coding.
  • Support for message-oriented middleware, including WebSphere MQ from IBM, MSMQ from Microsoft, Java Message Service (JMS)  and Tibco's Rendezvous.
  • Support for unstructured and semi-structured data to parse and process files.
  • Access to static and streaming data for sending and receiving via Web services.
  • Expanded support for MPP databases: AsterData nCluster, EMC/Greenplum and Sybase IQ, enabling more ELT pushdown and support for bulk-load utilities.
  • Native support for SQL-based processing.

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