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Data Governance

Create effective data governance with a combination of people, processes and technology

Every organization around the world has data on its customers, products, finances, employees and inventory. Without an effective data governance strategy to manage this information, organizations cannot make the right business decisions to stay competitive – and thrive in an uncertain business environment. Data governance is the practice of establishing well-managed, integrated and high-quality enterprise data that can provide the foundation for good business decisions.

Components of Data Governance

  • SAS Data Governance – Maintain a single, consistent set of policies and processes for managing data.

How SAS® Is Different

  • Our industry thought leaders can help you map out and plan your data governance program. SAS has a standard approach and methodology for systematically assessing an organization's data governance capabilities with the goal of moving forward with a road map and plan.
  • An evolutionary approach that ties business units and IT together with the full spectrum of data management. Business users gain the ability to easily develop and refine business rules according to a proven data governance methodology, while IT is given the ability to implement those rules within the IT environment. SAS technology enables organizations to create, manage and monitor business rules throughout the information life cycle.
  • A phased implementation option allows organizations to start small and expand their requirements as they proceed. Tools for business glossary creation and the management of hierarchies and relationships help provide the framework needed for later stages of the data governance cycle. And they give IT a head start for applying business rules throughout the IT ecosystem.

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