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SAS/ACCESS® Interfaces to Relational Databases

A convenient way to access your most up-to-date relational data

SAS/ACCESS interfaces to relational databases bring together the resources you need for effective information delivery and let you put these resources to work in a dynamic, syntax-free environment. With these out-of-the-box solutions, you get the power and flexibility of SAS® to analyze and present data directly from a database.

You get a high degree of control over data security because SAS/ACCESS honors and augments the native security of the target data source. Access to the database can be provided to as many, or as few, users as necessary.

With the SAS/ACCESS interface, you reference database objects directly in a DATA step or SAS procedure using the SAS LIBNAME statement. You can also use the New Library window to associate a libref with relational DBMS objects or a SAS data library. SAS then reads the data values just as if they were in a SAS data file.

Structured Query Language (SQL) also can be used to update, delete or insert data into a relational table using the SAS SQL procedure. However, no SQL expertise or custom coding of extrac­tions are required.

The ability to pass database queries, joins and many functions to a target data source for processing reduces network traffic and speeds data access. You also gain faster load times with support for native bulk-load utilities.

SAS/ACCESS interfaces are available for the following relational databases:

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