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SAS/ACCESS® Interface to PC Files

A convenient way to access your most up-to-date nonrelational data

With SAS/ACCESS Interface to PC Files, everyone authorized in your organization can gain access to up-to-date data quickly and easily, without having to know a word of code or the internal structure of the PC files. SAS/ACCESS to PC Files also provides tools for creating and loading data into supported PC files without ever leaving your SAS session.

SAS/ACCESS Interface to PC Files enables you to read data from PC files so you can use the data in SAS reports or applications, and use SAS data sets to create PC files in various formats. SAS/ACCESS Interface for PC Files includes the following features:

  • LIBNAME statement.
  • Pass-Through Facility.
  • Import/export wizard and procedures.
  • DBF and DIF procedures.
  • ACCESS procedure.
  • DBLOAD procedure.

SAS/ACCESS Interface to PC Files includes interfaces to .DBF, .DIF, .WK1, .WK3, .WK4, and .XLS under Windows, as well as .DBF and .DIF under UNIX.

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