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SAS® DataFlux® Data Management

Manage and govern data with data integration, data quality, master data management and enterprise data access

SAS Data Management provides a single environment of solutions, tools, methodologies and workflows that enable organizations to manage data as a valued asset, driving both core operational processes and strategic decision making. As part of the SAS Business Analytics Framework, SAS Data Management helps organizations fully leverage all incoming data to uncover hidden insights and increase competitive edge.

High-performance, scalable solutions ensure that organizations can successfully complete the most demanding data integration and data management projects.

Components of SAS® DataFlux® Data Management

  • Data Access – Access and use data sources from across your enterprise.
  • Data Governance – Maintain a single, consistent set of policies and processes for managing data.
  • Data Integration – Improve the flow of accurate information across your organization.
  • Data Quality – Ensure information excellence through data quality lifecycle management.
  • Master Data Management – Create a single, accurate and unified view of enterprise data.

How SAS® Is Different

  • A unified data management platform. By combining data integration, data quality and master data management into a unified development and delivery environment, organizations can maximize each phase of the data management process. Using a single framework with an intuitive interface empowers organizations with data that is consistent, accurate and timely.
  • Integrated analytical capabilities for data management. SAS embeds analytics in the ETL/ELT process to provide a highly efficient and cost-effective collaborative modeling environment. Only SAS can provide faster results by incorporating high-performance computing and analytical intelligence into the data management process.
  • The most established data governance maturity model. Data governance is an ongoing process, not a one-time project. SAS offers proven, methodology-driven approaches to help customers build a preferred process based on their data maturity model. Customers can fully utilize their existing technologies and add new components as needed.
  • Natively developed technologies. SAS DataFlux products have been conceived and developed from the ground up. This provides product development consistency and eliminates complexities such as integration issues, functionality overlaps and uncertainty in product direction.
  • A comprehensive data management framework for business and IT. SAS DataFlux expertise with business issues and solutions has made enterprisewide data management collaboration between lines of business and IT a reality.

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