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SAS® Customer Intelligence

Driving profitable growth with integrated marketing management

The transition to a customer-focused business strategy continues to gain momentum, giving organizations more opportunity than ever to drive profitable revenue growth. SAS Customer Intelligence solutions can help you advance marketing management beyond the confines of the marketing department and ensure harmony with overall organizational strategy.

In fact, only SAS provides a full suite of customer intelligence solutions – fueled by the world's best analytics – that give you the power to find the most profitable growth opportunities, take the best marketing actions and maximize cross-business impact.

SAS was named a winner of a 2010 CRM Excellence Award for SAS Customer Intelligence by Technology Marketing Corp.'s Customer Interaction Solutions magazine.

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Which Problem Are You Trying to Solve?

Find the Most Profitable Growth Opportunities

Eliminate noise and focus on the customers, segments and offers that will generate the most lucrative growth

Take the Best Marketing Action

Achieve organizational goals while meeting customer needs

Maximize Cross-Business Impact

Ensure consistent customer experiences across business units

Components of SAS® Customer Intelligence

Strategy and Planning

  • Intelligent Advertising – Gather and present data to enable precision forecasting, decision optimization, inventory management and sales performance reporting.
  • Marketing Mix Analysis – Predict the business value of investments such as advertising, incentives and the Web.
  • Marketing Operations –  Plan, manage and execute enterprise marketing operations efficiently and effectively.
  • Marketing Performance Management – Align activities and resources to strategies and goals, link marketing performance to financial measures and establish accountability throughout the marketing department.

Information and Analytics

Orchestration and Interaction

Customer Experience

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