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Customer Satisfaction

SAS Canada uses an innovative process to continually monitor the quality of our consulting projects. It's called EXCEDE v — Exceeding Customers' Expectations and Delivering Excellence to the Power of Value. It is a five-step process in which you tell us how you define success for a consulting project, and then tell us how we're doing as the project proceeds.

This EXCEDE v process removes uncertainty from consulting projects. You tell us your vision not only for a successful deliverable, but for a successful process and we always know how well the consulting team is managing the process to deliver an exceptional result.

“Accurate response models and SAS® Marketing Optimization allow you to maximize your campaigns' effectiveness and improve your results.”
Andrew Storey
Director of Decision Support, Retail Marketing, Scotiabank

“SAS connects with the big picture of our business goals. Using SAS to provide a ‘heads-up’ to get the network ready is an excellent thing, and that’s the biggest business benefit for us.”
Asim Zakria
Director, Capacity Management, Network Operations, TELUS

Hema Quebec
"The (SAS) implementation went well and took only about three months. We were up and running rapidly. It has made a positive impact in a short amount of time.”
Marco Décelles
Accounting Director, Héma-Québec