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SAS Corporate Social Responsibility

An enduring commitment to employees, environment and communities

All of us at SAS are committed to developing superior technology for our customers and building a world-class company that conducts business in accordance with the highest ethical standards. Our Corporate Social Responsibility Report reflects the core values and achievements of how SAS does business as an employer, a software provider and a corporate citizen. The guiding principles that launched the company in 1976 are still the foundation of the enterprise.

SAS is an active and committed partner in the communities where we live, work and conduct business. At SAS, we recognize that environmental sustainability is a continuous effort that requires prudent use and preservation of our natural resources. Our offices around the world take steps to minimize our environmental impact by complying with, and often going above, a growing number of environmental regulations.

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  • The latest SAS Corporate Social Responsibility Report
  • The Report Highlights from the Global SAS-owned offices
  • The components of SAS Corporate Responsibility:
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     – Education
     – Community Engagement
     – Employees
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