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With cloud computing techniques, you can deploy analytics more rapidly throughout your organization – and lower the total cost of ownership through reduced hardware costs. Through cloud, hosted and on-premises options, SAS gives you the right way to extend the power of analytics.


Deploy the right technology at the right time.

A cloud deployment lets you choose the best method for accessing SAS technology to meet your business analytics requirements – and move rapidly to a SAS analytics deployment. SAS Cloud tools and technologies are available in private and public clouds or through the hosted SAS Cloud environment.

Innovate across your organization.

SAS programmers, data scientists, business analysts and Web developers can work together in an agile SAS Cloud development platform to collaborate on analytics projects. SAS Cloud provides version control, allows you to share best practices and helps you guide projects through development, testing and production environments.

Expand technology to meet future demands.

The data processing and storage you need today will change in the next few years. Or months. Cloud technologies give you the flexibility to add computing power or capacity as needed. With SAS Cloud technologies, your technology can adjust to your business, allowing you to meet the changing demands for analytics.

Simplify administration tasks.

Public cloud. Private cloud. Regardless of your deployment, you get a single point of management for SAS Cloud software and users. The way you manage and administer SAS implementations via the cloud is the same, regardless of your deployment model. And automated software updates are available whenever we publish a new version.

The flexibility of cloud computing

As organizations move from a traditional IT infrastructure to cloud-based applications, a key element in this shift is flexibility. You need the freedom to choose the right deployment option and still find ways to make sound business decisions from a wealth of data.


Through a SAS-hosted private cloud environment, the SAS Cloud allows you to subscribe to and access SAS tools and solutions. SAS Cloud environments are available in the Americas and Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

You can deploy SAS technology in your own data center or through a hosted private cloud through a trusted cloud services provider.

SAS Cloud technologies allow you to deploy in public cloud environments, including Amazon EC2.

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