SAS Software Drives a Financial Management Revolution at Danish Police Force

Solutions help force cut costs, optimise resource allocation and drive strategic decision-making

The Danish National Police has gone live with performance management software from business analytics leader, SAS, as they strive to optimise resource allocation and enhance their strategic financial management.

The Danish National Police were facing a range of operational challenges including disparities in performance between various departments, escalating costs and challenges around building trust with both the government and the public. The force's budgeting and accounting analysis was conducted manually using spreadsheets - a time-consuming process, requiring continuous monitoring to ensure data quality. .

Data was maintained in separate silos across the 12 police districts over which Danish National Police has jurisdiction as well as Greenland and the Faroe Islands. This made it difficult to cross-reference information or draw comparisons between different data sets. There was no 'single version of the truth' which police management could call upon to drive decision-making.

They turned to SAS to implement a solution combining SAS® Financial Management, enabling the police to streamline budgeting and make it more accurate and SAS® Activity-Based Management, which delivers the financial intelligence the force needs to reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies by determining the cost and the profitability of operational processes. The SAS® Professional Services team also played a key role in the process, in implementing the system and in running training courses on the solutions.

After a short period trialling the new solution, the force took the decision to migrate away from a spreadsheet focused approach and implement SAS . It now runs its complete annual financial budget together with associated enterprise planning, budgeting, consolidation and reporting,from the solution. The approach supports tighter budgetary control but also helps ensure that the latest information is always available to help drive senior management decision-making.

To complement the budgeting and accounting follow-up capability provided by SAS®, the Danish National Police wanted to drive additional benefits by analysing the tasks carried out by the police, the costs of these activities and the outcomes achieved. To do this, the police has implemented the SAS® activity based monitoring tool, SAS Activity Based Management.

The Danish National Police has achieved great benefits as a result. Management decisions can now be more easily aligned with strategy; and resources can be allocated to activities with a high priority. As a result, resources can then be made available for new priorities.

"We can now allocate true costs to activities while developing meaningful performance indicators and reporting on them," says Nikolaj Veje, finance director, Danish National Police. "Perhaps the biggest benefit of the SAS solution is that it allows us to build trust. We're increasingly seen by the government as an exemplar of cost management and are trusted now for the first time to propose and manage multi-year budgets rather than just annual financial plans."

According to Per Hyldborg, Communications Manager at SAS: "The Danish National Police understand that the path to true activity-based monitoring is a step-by-step process and is dependent on having not just the system in place, but the right data in place to inform the decision-making process and that will take time. Yet, they are ahead of the game in terms of the vision to develop this kind of system for the police and have achieved great successes already since the implementation. At SAS, we are committed to helping them continue to strengthen their financial management and activity-based monitoring in the future."


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About the Danish National Police

The Danish National Police is the head of the Danish Police. This means that the National Police sets the direction and defines overall strategies for the entire police service. However, this always happens in close collaboration with the local police authorities, which are responsible for implementing the strategies. The National Police provides expertise in complex investigations concerning organized crime, cross-border crime or it crime.The national Police also coordinates policework on a national level and in relation to international collaborations.

There are approximately 1600 employees in the Danish National Police. They cover areas such as management support, financial management, IT, legal advice, personnel and training and purchase of police equipment.


Om SAS Institute i Norden og Baltikum

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