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BI + Analytics = Enterprise Data Discovery

Getting the right information to the right people at the right time – that's still the goal of everyday business intelligence. We provide easy-to-use, self-service BI capabilities and the deployment of real-time analytics directly to mobile devices and Microsoft applications. So every decision maker – wherever they are – can monitor key metrics and make informed decisions. And features like governance, centralized metadata and scalability make it suitable for enterprise IT, too.

What if you could deliver reports and dashboards that have more foresight than hindsight? Your BI world needs analytics. Find out what sets analytics-driven companies apart.

Wat zeggen onze klanten?


"Met SAS Visual Analytics is diepgaand inzicht altijd en overal verzekerd."


"De gebruikersvriendelijke oplossingen van SAS hebben een enorme transparantie opgeleverd."


"Visual Analytics is dynamisch. Ik kan de rapporten nu via een iPad meegeven!"

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