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Fourth Quarter 2013


Ciao, data visualization

Telecom Italia VP Fabrizio Bellezza answers the call for speed with visual analytics. More

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Big data in big companies
GE,, and UPS are just a few of the companies Jill Dyché recently interviewed. Here's what they told her – and what they didn't.
Small businesses tackle big data with visual analytics
 Think your company is too small to take on big data? Think again.
Big data and basketball: A ‘magic’ combination
Analytics is no game to Orlando Magic CEO Alex Martins.
Seven steps to visual data exploration
With visual analytics, anyone can quickly and easily explore data. Yes, even you.
A new way to pay for health care
You can purchase bundles from your Internet and cable providers. Is your hospital next?


Business analytics
Where’s the value in cloud?
Jim Davis looks at why more organizations are turning to hosted software deployments in the cloud. 
Risk insights
Detecting fraud is more than cool
Nothing's cooler than predicting fraud 250 times per second says Commonwealth Bank’s John Geurts.
Tech highlight
Busting 10 myths about Hadoop
Philip Russom clears up some common misconceptions about what Hadoop is and does.
Best of blogs
SAS 9.4: Deployment options right-sized for you
Do you want private cloud, public cloud, SAS Cloud, or traditional on-site deployment? The choice is yours.
Starting point
Big data, smart strategies
Big companies are doing amazing things with big data, but so are small-to-midsize businesses.


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