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Visualizations that tell a story
Planning meteor showers around your busy schedule »
This SAS graph…it's full of (falling) stars! (And it's our featured Tips Extra visualization!)
How to build a correlations matrix heat map with Base SAS »
These correlations definitely imply causality – causality of awesome graphs!
Visualizing when your music became "classic rock" »
Hey man, is that "Freedom Rock"? Well, turn it UP (with SAS/GRAPH code)!
Ulam spirals: Visualizing properties of prime numbers with SAS »
If you stare at it long enough without blinking, you might see a friendly dolphin.
Data tricks and techniques
Use the BIGMONEY format to show off your billions »
Have so much money that it doesn't fit in your report? Not a bad problem to have!
Using SAS functions within your SAS formats »
"You've got your function in my format." "No, you've got your format in my function!" Some things are just better together.
Selecting a random sample of observations »
Using the DATA step for your eenie-meenie-miney-moe work (Hat tip:
How to build a subquery with SAS Enterprise Guide »
First find your inner query, and then SELECT * from just a SELECT few.
Adding data to a table with a SELECT query »
It's the PROC SQL equivalent of "copy and paste", but respecting integrity constraints.
From the "Did you know?" file
Fill the area between plot lines »
Color neatly between the lines using the BAND statement in PROC SGPLOT, no crayons required.
50 shades of gray (or more!) using PROC SGPLOT »
The world is not black-and-white, so your visualizations shouldn't be either. (Hat tip: Amadeus Software)
Add a logo to every slide using ODS POWERPOINT »
Wait, ODS can create Microsoft PowerPoint slides? Did you miss that SAS 9.4 bullet point?
Technical Support
Technical Problems »
E-mail Address Changes »
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