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Dear Readers,

I asked co-workers in SAS Technical Support for tips I could share with SAS® users around the globe—tips that would help you get answers more efficiently.

The immediate response was "Remind users they don't have to wait for business hours to contact us. Users can open a track anytime, anywhere with the online submission form on"

The second suggestion was "There's a recent blog post outlining the four things to remember when opening a track with SAS Technical Support. These are helpful practices to share with users."

Blog author Pam Schiltz is a technical support engineer with 24 years of experience helping SAS users. Recently, Schiltz and her peers have been exploring new critical-thinking techniques.

"Software changes fast, so I'm always learning--not only new products and features, but also better ways to analyze the facts users provide," says Schiltz. "These tips represent the questions and answers that I've found most valuable in resolving users' concerns."

Two great suggestions for the next time you contact SAS Technical Support!

Christina Harvey
Editor, SAS Tech Report
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